Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. GitCommit

class buildbot.steps.source.git.GitCommit

The GitCommit build step adds files and commits modifications in your local Git repository.

The GitCommit step takes the following arguments:


(required) The path to the local repository to push commits from.


(required) List of message that will be created with the commit. Correspond to the -m flag of the git commit command.


(required) List of path that will be added to the commit.


(optional) If this option is true (the default), then the step’s logfile will describe the environment variables on the worker. In situations where the environment is not relevant and is long, it may be easier to set logEnviron=False.


(optional) A dictionary of environment strings which will be added to the child command’s environment. The usual property interpolations can be used in environment variable names and values - see Properties.


(optional) Specifies the timeout for worker-side operations, in seconds. If your repositories are particularly large, then you may need to increase this value from its default of 1200 (20 minutes).


(optional) A dict of git configuration settings to pass to the remote git commands.


(optional) Specifies whether --no-verify option should be supplied to git. The default is False.


(optional) One of the values disallow (default), create-empty-commit, and ignore. Decides the behavior when there is nothing to be committed. The value disallow will make the buildstep fail. The value create-empty-commit will create an empty commit. The value ignore will create no commit.