Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. BuildEPYDoc

class buildbot.steps.python.BuildEPYDoc

epydoc is a tool for generating API documentation for Python modules from their docstrings. It reads all the .py files from your source tree, processes the docstrings therein, and creates a large tree of .html files (or a single .pdf file).

The BuildEPYDoc step will run epydoc to produce this API documentation, and will count the errors and warnings from its output.

You must supply the command line to be used. The default is make epydocs, which assumes that your project has a Makefile with an epydocs target. You might wish to use something like epydoc -o apiref source/PKGNAME instead. You might also want to add option –pdf to generate a PDF file instead of a large tree of HTML files.

The API docs are generated in-place in the build tree (under the workdir, in the subdirectory controlled by the option -o argument). To make them useful, you will probably have to copy them to somewhere they can be read. For example if you have server with configured nginx web server, you can place generated docs to it’s public folder with command like rsync -ad apiref/ You might instead want to bundle them into a tarball and publish it in the same place where the generated install tarball is placed.

from buildbot.plugins import steps

f.addStep(steps.BuildEPYDoc(command=["epydoc", "-o", "apiref", "source/mypkg"]))