Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. Cppcheck

This step runs cppcheck, analyse its output, and set the outcome in Properties.

from buildbot.plugins import steps

f.addStep(steps.Cppcheck(enable=['all'], inconclusive=True]))

This class adds the following arguments:


(Optional, defaults to cppcheck) Use this if you need to give the full path to the cppcheck binary or if your binary is called differently.


(Optional, defaults to ['.']) This is the list of paths for the sources to be checked by this step.


(Optional) Use this to give a list of the message classes that should be in cppcheck report. See the cppcheck man page for more information.


(Optional) Set this to True if you want cppcheck to also report inconclusive results. See the cppcheck man page for more information.


(Optional) This is the list of extra arguments to be given to the cppcheck command.

All other arguments are identical to ShellCommand.