This page documents the latest, unreleased version of Buildbot. For documentation for released versions, see

5.69. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.15.post1 ( 2018-01-07 )

5.69.1. Bug fixes

5.70. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.15 ( 2018-01-02 )

5.70.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix builder page not showing any build (issue #3820)

  • Fix double Workers button in the menu. (issue #3818)

  • Fix bad icons in the worker action dialog.

  • Fix url arguments in Buildbot Badges for python3.

  • Upgrading to guanlecoja-ui version 1.8.0, fixing two issues. Fixed issue where the console view would jump to the top of page when opening the build summary dialog (issue #3657). Also improved sidebar behaviour by remembering previous pinned vs. collapsed state.

  • Fixes issue with Buildbot DockerLatentWorker, where Buildbot can kill running workers by mistake based on the form the worker name (issue #3800).

  • Fixes issue with Buildbot DockerLatentWorker not reaping zombies process within its container environment.

  • Update requirement text to use the modern “docker” module from the older “docker-py” module name

  • When multiple reporter or services are configured with the same name, an error is now displayed instead of silently discarding all but the last one issue #3813.

  • Fixed exception when using buildbot.www.auth.CustomAuth

5.70.2. Features

  • New Buildbot SVG icons for web UI. The web UI now uses a colored favicon according to build results (issue #3785).

  • paused and graceful Workers States are now stored in the database.

  • Workers States are now displayed in the web UI.

  • Quarantine timers is now using the paused worker state.

  • Quarantine timer is now enabled when a build finish on EXCEPTION state.

  • Standalone binaries for buildbot-worker package are now published for windows and linux (amd64). This allows to run a buildbot-worker without having a python environment.

  • New buildbot-worker create-worker --maxretries for Latent Workers to quit if the master is or becomes unreachable.

  • Badges can now display running as status.

  • The database schema now supports cascade deletes for all objects instead of raising an error when deleting a record which has other records pointing to it via foreign keys.

  • Buildbot can properly find its version if installed from a git archive tarball generated from a tag.

  • Enhanced the test suite to add worker/master protocol interoperability tests between python3 and python2.

5.70.3. Deprecations and Removals

  • buildbot.util.ascii2unicode() is removed. buildbot.util.bytes2unicode() should be used instead.

5.71. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.14 ( 2017-12-08 )

5.71.1. Bug fixes

  • Compile step now properly takes the decodeRC parameter in account (issue #3774)

  • Fix duplicate build requests results in BuildRequestsConnectorComponent when querying the database (issue #3712).

  • GitPoller now accepts git branch names with UTF-8 characters (issue #3769).

  • Fixed inconsistent use of pointer style mouse cursor by removing it from the .label css rule and instead creating a new .clickable css rule which is used only in places which are clickable and would not otherwise automatically get the pointer icon, for example it is not needed for hyper-links. (issue #3795).

  • Rebuilding with the same revision now takes new change properties into account instead of re-using the original build change properties (issue #3701).

  • Worker authentication is now delayed via a DeferredLock until Buildbot configuration is finished. This fixes UnauthorizedLogin errors during buildbot restart (issue #3462).

  • Fixes python3 encoding issues with Windows Service (issue #3796)

5.71.2. Features

  • new :ref`badges` plugin which reimplement the buildbot eight png badge system.

  • In progress worker control API. Worker can now be stopped and paused using the UI. Note that there is no UI yet to look the status of those actions (issue #3429).

  • Make maximum number of builds fetched on the builders page configurable.

  • Include context in the log message for GitHubStatusPush

  • On ‘Builders’ page reload builds when tags change.

  • Give reporters access to master single in renderables. This allows access to build logs amongst other things

  • Added possibility to check www user credentials with a custom class.

5.72. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.13 ( 2017-11-07 )

5.72.1. Deprecations and Removals

Following will help Buildbot to leverage new feature of twisted to implement important features like worker protocol encryption.

  • The buildbot and buildbot-worker packages now requires Python 2.7 or Python 3.4+ – Python 2.6 is no longer supported.

  • buildbot and buildbot-worker packages now required Twisted versions >= 16.1.0. Earlier versions of Twisted are not supported.

5.72.2. Bug fixes

  • Fix Console View forced builds stacking at top (issue:3461)

  • Improve buildrequest distributor to ensure all builders are processed. With previous version, builder list could be re-prioritized, while running the distributor, meaning some builders would never be run in case of master high load. (issue #3661)

  • Improve getOldestRequestTime function of buildrequest distributor to do sorting and paging in the database layer (issue #3661).

  • Arguments passed to GitLab push notifications now work with Python 3 (issue #3720).

  • Web hooks change sources which use twisted.web.http.Request have been fixed to use bytes, not native strings. This ensures web hooks work on Python 3. Please report any issues on web hooks in python3, as it is hard for us to test end to end.

  • Fixed null value of steps and logs in reporter HttpStatusPush api. Fixes (issue #3180)

  • EC2LatentBuilder now correctly sets tags on spot instances (issue #3739).

  • Fixed operation of the Try scheduler for a code checked out from Subversion.

  • Fix buildbot worker startup when running as a windows service

5.72.3. Features

  • Make parameters for WarningCountingShellCommand renderable. These are suppressionList, warningPattern, directoryEnterPattern, directoryLeavePattern and maxWarnCount.

  • GitHubEventHandler now supports authentication for GitHub instances that do not allow anonymous access

  • Added support for renderable builder locks. Previously only steps could have renderable locks.

  • Added flag to Docker Latent Worker to always pull images

5.73. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.12.post1 ( 2017-10-10 )

This is a release which only exists for the buildbot_grid_view package.

5.73.1. Bug fixes

5.74. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.12 ( 2017-10-05 )

5.74.1. Bug fixes

  • Fixed many issues related to connecting masters and workers with different major version of Python (issue #3416).

  • Fixed KeyError in the log when two buildrequests of the same buildset are finished at the same time (issue #3472, issue #3591)

  • Fix for SVN.purge fails when modified files contain non-ascii characters (issue #3576)

  • Fix the GitHub change hook on Python 3 (issue #3452).

  • Fix reporters.gitlab to use correct commit status codes (issue #3641).

  • Fixed deadlock issue, when locks are taken at least 3 times by the 3 Buildstep with same configuration (issue #3650)

  • Fix the Gerrit source step in the presence of multiple Gerrit repos (issue #3460).

  • Add empty pidfile option to master and worker start script when –nodaemon option is on. (issue #3012).

5.74.2. Features

5.74.3. Deprecations and Removals

  • buildbot.util.encodeString() has been removed. buildbot.util.unicode2bytes() should be used instead.

5.75. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.11 ( 2017-09-08 )

5.75.1. Incompatible Changes

  • Buildbot is not compatible with python3-ldap anymore. It now requires ldap3 package for its ldap operations (issue #3530)

5.75.2. Bug fixes

  • Fix issue with logviewer scrolling up indefinitely when loading logs (issue #3154).

  • Do not add the url if it already exists in the step. (issue #3554)

  • Fix filtering for REST resource attributes when SQL is involved in the backend (eq, ne, and contains operations, when there are several filters) (issue #3526).

  • The git source step now uses git checkout -B rather than git branch -M to create local branches (issue #3537)

  • Fixed Grid View settings. It is now possible to configure “false” values.

  • Fix performance issue when remote command does not send any line boundary (issue #3517)

  • Fix regression in GithHub oauth2 v3 api, when using enterprise edition.

  • Fix the Perforce build step on Python 3 (issue #3493)

  • Make REST API’s filter __contains use OR connector rather than AND according to what the documentation suggests.

  • Fixed secret plugins registration, so that they are correctly available in import buildbot.plugins.secrets. changes to all secrets plugin to be imported and used.

  • Fix secrets downloaded to worker with too wide permissions.

  • Fix issue with stop build during latent worker substantiating, the build result was retried instead of cancelled.

  • pip install 'buildbot[bundle]' now installs grid_view plugin. This fixes issues with the tutorial where grid_view is enabled by default.

5.75.3. Improved Documentation

  • Fixed documentation regarding log obfuscation for passwords.

  • Improve documentation of REST API’s __contains filter.

5.75.4. Features

  • Added autopull for Docker images based on config. (issue #3071)

  • Allow to expose logs to summary callback of GerritStatusPush.

  • Implement GitHub change hook CI skipping (issue #3443). Now buildbot will ignore the event, if the [ci skip] keyword (configurable) in commit message. For more info, please check out the skip parameter of GitHub hook.

  • GitHubStatusPush now support reporting to ssh style URLs, ie

  • Added the possibility to filter builds according to results in Grid View.

  • OpenStackLatentWorker now supports V3 authentication.

  • Buildbot now tries harder at finding line boundaries. It now supports several cursor controlling ANSI sequences as well as use of lots of backspace to go back several characters.

  • UI Improvements so that Buildbot build pages looks better on mobile.

  • OpenStackLatentWorker now supports region attribute.

  • The Schedulers builderNames parameter can now be a IRenderable object that will render to a list of builder names.

  • The LdapUserInfo now uses the python3-ldap successor ldap3 (issue #3530).

  • Added support for static suppressions parameter for shell commands.

5.76. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.10 ( 2017-08-03 )

5.76.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix ‘reconfig master causes worker lost’ error (issue #3392).

  • Fix bug where object names could not be larger than 150 characters (issue #3449)

  • Fix bug where notifier names could not be overridden (issue #3450)

  • Fix exception when shutting down a master (issue #3478)

  • Fix Manhole support to work with Python 3 and Twisted 16.0.0+ (issue #3160). AuthorizedKeysManhole and PasswordManhole now require a directory containing SSH host keys to be specified.

  • Fix python 3 issue with displaying the properties when fetching builders (issue #3418).

  • Fix bug when ShellArg arguments were rendered only once during an instance’s lifetime.

  • Fix waterfall tiny size of build status indicators (issue #3475)

  • Fix waterfall natural order of builder list

  • Fix builder page use ‘pointer’ cursor style for tags (issue #3473)

  • Fix builder page update tag filter when using the browser’s back button (issue #3474)

5.76.2. Features

  • added support for builder names in REST API. Note that those endpoints are not (yet) available from the UI, as the events are not sent to the endpoints with builder names.

  • Implemented new ability to set from by email domain. Implemented RolesFromDomain. (issue #3422)

5.77. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.9.post2 ( 2017-07-06 )

5.77.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix tried to complete 100 buildrequests, but only completed 25 issue in buildrequest collapser (issue #3406)

  • Fixed issue when several mail notifiers are used with same parameters, but different modes (issue #3398).

  • Fixed release scripts for postN releases

5.78. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.9.post1 ( 2017-07-01 )

5.78.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix regression with GitHubAuth when API v3 is used.

  • When using the GitHubAuth v4 API, the generated GraphQL to get the user organizations uses a name alias for each organization. These aliases must not contain dashes.

5.79. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.9 ( 2017-06-29 )

5.79.1. Bug fixes

  • Fixed a regression inn UserPasswordAuth where a list would create an error.

  • Fix non ascii payload handling in base web hook (issue #3321).

  • Fixed default buildrequest collapsing (issue #3151)

  • _wait_for_request() would fail to format a log statement due to an invalid type being passed to log.msg (resulting in a broken build)

  • Fix Windows compatibility with frontend development tool gulp dev proxy (issue #3359)

5.79.2. Features

  • New Grid View UI plugin.

  • The Change Hooks system is now integrated in the Plugin Infrastructure in Buildbot system, making it easier to subclass hooks. There is still the need to re- factor hook by hook to allow better customizability.

  • The GitHubAuth now allows fetching the user team membership for all organizations the user belongs to. This requires access to a V4 GitHub API(GraphQL).

  • GitLab merge request hook now create a change with repository to be the source repository and branch the source branch. Additional properties are created to point to destination branch and destination repository. This makes GitLabStatusPush push the correct status to GitLab, so that pipeline report is visible in the merge request page.

  • The GitHubEventHandler now allows the inclusion of white-listed properties for push events.

  • Allow sending a comment to a pull request for Bitbucket Server in BitbucketServerPRCommentPush

  • Implement support for Bitbucket Server webhook plugin in BitbucketServerEventHandler

5.80. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.8 ( 2017-06-14 )

5.80.1. Core Bug fixes

  • Fix incompatibility issue of UserPasswordAuth with python 3.

  • Fix issue with oauth sequence not working with Firefox (issue #3306)

  • Update old addChange method to accept the new chdict names if only the new name is present. Fixes issue #3191.

  • fix bytes vs string issue on python3 with authorization of rest endpoints.

5.80.2. Core Features

  • doStepIf is now renderable.

  • Source step codebase is now renderable.

  • Step names are now renderable.

  • Added giturlparse utility function to help buildbot components like reporters to parse git url from change sources.

  • Factorized the mail reporter to be able to write new message based reporters, for other backend than SMTP.

  • The class Property now allows being used with Python built in comparators. It will return a Renderable which executes the comparison.

5.80.3. Components Bug fixes

  • GitLab reporter now correctly sets the status to running instead of pending when a build starts.

  • GitLab reporter now correctly works when there are multiple codebase, and when the projects names contain url reserved characters.

  • GitLab reporter now correctly reports the status even if there are several sourcestamps. Better parsing of change repository in GitLab reporter so that it understands ssh urls and https url. GitLab reporter do not use the project field anymore to know the repository to push to.

5.80.4. Components Features

  • GitLab hook now supports the merge_request event to automatically build from a merge request. Note that the results will not properly displayed in merge_request UI due to

  • Added a reporter as buildbot.reporters.pushjet.PushjetNotifier

  • New build step Assert Tests a renderable or constant if it evaluates to true. It will succeed or fail to step according to the result.

5.81. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.7 ( 2017-05-09 )

5.81.1. Core Bug fixes

5.81.2. Components Bug fixes

  • Allow renderables in options and definitions of step CMake. Currently only dicts and lists with renderables inside are allowed.

  • OAuth Authentication are now working with RolesFromEmails.

  • DockerLatentWorker: _image_exists does not raise anymore if it encounters an image with <none> tag

  • Fix command line parameters for Robocopy step verbose option

5.81.3. Core Features

  • Builds state_string is now automatically computed according to the BuildStep.getResultSummary, BuildStep.description and updateBuildSummaryPolicy from Parameters Common to all Steps. This allows the dashboards and reporters to get a descent summary text of the build without fetching the steps.

  • New configurators section, which can be used to create higher level configuration modules for Buildbot.

  • New JanitorConfigurator which can be used to create a builder which save disk space by removing old logs from the database.

5.81.4. Components Features

  • Added a reporter as buildbot.reporters.pushover.PushoverNotifier

  • property argument in SetPropery is now renderable.

5.82. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.6 ( 2017-04-19 )

5.82.1. Core Bug fixes

  • buildbot.www.authz.endpointmatchers.AnyControlEndpointMatcher now actually doesn’t match GET requests. Before it would act like an AnyEndpointMatcher since the GET had a different case.

  • Passing unicode builderNames to ForceScheduler no longer causes an error.

  • Fix issue with :bb:sched::Nightly change classification raising foreign key exceptions (issue #3021)

  • Fixes an exception found buildbot_net_usage_data._sendWithUrlib when running through the tutorial using Python 3.

  • usePTY configuration of the ShellCommand now works as expected with recent version of buildbot-worker.

5.82.2. Components Bug fixes

  • pollAtLaunch of the GitHubPullrequestPoller now works as expected. Also the author email won’t be displayed as None

  • GerritChangeSource and GerritStatusPush now use the master’s environment including PATH variable to find the ssh binary.

  • SlaveDirectoryUploadCommand no longer throws exceptions because the file “is used by another process” under Windows

5.82.3. UI Bug fixes

  • Fix waterfall scrolling and zooming in current browsers

  • console_view now properly uses revlink metadata to link to changes.

  • Fixed Console View infinite loading spinner when no change have been recorded yet (issue #3060).

5.82.4. Core Features

  • new Virtual Builders concept for better integration of frameworks which store the build config along side the source code.

5.82.5. Components Features

  • BitBucket now sets the event property on each change to what the X-Event-Key header contains.

  • GitHubPullrequestPoller now adds additional information about the pull request to properties. The property argument is removed and is populated with the repository full name.

  • GitHub now sets the event property on each change to what the X-GitHub-Event header contains.

  • Changed GitHubAuth now supports GitHub Enterprise when setting new serverURL argument.

  • GitLab now sets the event property on each change to what the X-GitLab-Event header contains.

  • GitHub now process git tag push events

  • GitHub now adds more information about the pull request to the properties. This syncs features with GitHubPullrequestPoller

  • GitLab now process git tag push events

  • GitLab now supports authentication with the secret token

5.82.6. UI Features

5.83. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.5 ( 2017-03-18 )

5.83.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix issue with compressing empty log

  • Fix issue with db being closed by wrong thread

  • Fix issue with buildbot_worker not closing file handles when using the transfer steps

  • Fix issue with buildbot requesting too many permissions from GitHub’s OAuth

  • Fix HTTPStep to accept json as keyword argument.

  • Updated OpenStackLatentWorker to use keystoneauth1 so it will support latest python-novaclient packages.

  • Include RpmLint step in steps plugins.

5.83.2. Core Features

  • Experimental support for Python 3.5 and 3.6. Note that complete support depends on fixes to be released in Twisted 17.2.0.

  • New experimental Secret Management framework, which allows to securely declare secrets, reusable in your steps.

  • New Writing Dashboards with Flask or Bottle plugin, which allows to write custom dashboard with traditional server side web frameworks.

  • Added AnyControlEndpointMatcher and EnableSchedulerEndpointMatcher for better configurability of the access control. If you have access control to your Buildbot, it is recommended you add AnyControlEndpointMatcher at the end of your access control configuration.

  • Schedulers can now be toggled on and off from the UI. Useful for temporarily disabling periodic timers.

5.83.3. Components Features

  • FileUpload now supports setting the url title text that is visible in the web UI. FileUpload now supports custom description and descriptionDone text.

  • EC2LatentWorker now provides instance id as the instance property enabling use of the AWS toolkit.

  • Add GitHub pull request Poller to list of available changesources.

  • OAuth2LoginResource now supports the token URL parameter. If a user wants to authenticate through OAuth2 with a pre- generated token (such as the access_token provided by GitHub) it can be passed to /auth/login as the token URL parameter and the user will be authenticated to buildbot with those credentials.

  • New reporter GitHubCommentPush can comment on GitHub PRs

  • GitPoller now supports polling tags in a git repository.

  • MultipleFilUpload now supports the glob parameter. If glob is set to True all workersrcs parameters will be run through glob and the result will be uploaded to masterdest

  • Changed OpenStackLatentWorker to default to v2 of the Nova API. The novaclient package has had a deprecation warning about v1.1 and would use v2 anyway.

5.83.4. Deprecations and Removals

5.84. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.4 ( 2017-02-08 )

5.84.1. Database upgrade

A database upgrade is necessary for this release (see upgrade-master).

5.84.2. Bug fixes

  • Like for buildbot start, buildbot upgrade-master will now erase an old pidfile if the process is not live anymore instead of just failing.

  • Change properties ‘value’ changed from String(1024) to Text. Requires upgrade master. (bug #3197)

  • When using REST API, it is now possible to filter and sort in descending order at the same time.

  • Fix issue with HttpStatusPush raising datetime is not JSON serializable error.

  • Fix issue with log viewer not properly rendering color codes.

  • Fixed log viewer selection and copy-paste for Firefox (bug #3662).

  • Fix issue with DelayedCalled already called, and worker missing notification email never received.

  • schedulers and change_source are now properly taking configuration change in account with buildbot reconfig.

  • setuptools is now explicitly marked as required. The dependency was previously implicit.

  • buildbotNetUsageData now uses requests if available and will default to HTTP if a bogus SSL implementation is found. It will also correctly send information about the platform type.

5.84.3. Features

  • Buildbot now uses JWT to store its web UI Sessions. Sessions now persist upon buildbot restart. Sessions are shared between masters. Session expiration time is configurable with c['www']['cookie_expiration_time'] see www.

  • Builders page has been optimized and can now be displayed with 4 http requests whatever is the builder count (previously, there was one http request per builder).

  • Builder and Worker page build list now have the numbuilds= option which allows to show more builds.

  • Masters page now shows more information about a master (workers, builds, activity timer)

  • Workers page improvements:

    • Shows which master the worker is connected to.

    • Shows correctly the list of builders that this master is configured on (not the list of buildermaster which nobody cares about).

    • Shows list of builds per worker similar to the builders page.

    • New worker details page displays the list of builds built by this worker using database optimized query.

5.84.4. Deprecations and Removals

  • Some deprecated broken Contrib Scripts were removed.

  • buildbot.www.hooks.googlecode has been removed, since the Google Code service has been shut down.

  • buildbot.util.json has been deprecated in favor of the standard library json. simplejson will not be used anymore if found in the virtualenv.

5.85. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.3 ( 2017-01-11 )

5.85.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix BitbucketStatusPush ep should start with / assertion error.

  • Fix duplicate worker use case, where a worker with the same name would make the other worker also disconnect (bug #3656)

  • GitPoller: buildPushesWithNoCommits now rebuilds for a known branch that was updated to an existing commit.

  • Fix issue with log viewer not staying at bottom of the log when loading log lines.

  • Fixed addBuildURLs in Trigger to use results from triggered builds to include in the URL name exposed by API.

  • Fix Wamp mq support by removing debug, debug_amp and debug_app from the mq config, which is not available in latest version of Python Autobahn. You can now use wamp_debug_level option instead.

  • fix issue with factory.workdir AttributeError are not properly reported.

5.85.2. Features

  • Optimize the memory consumption of the log compression process. Buildbot do not load the whole log into memory anymore. This should improve a lot buildbot memory footprint.

  • Changed the build page so that the preview of the logs are shown in live. It is a preview means the last lines of log. How many lines is configurable per user in the user settings page.

  • Log viewer line numbers are no longer selectable, so that it is easier to copy paste.

  • DockerLatentWorker accepts now renderable Dockerfile

  • Renderer function can now return IRenderable objects.

  • new SetProperties which allows to generate and transform properties separately.

  • Handle new workers in script.

  • Sort the builders in the waterfall view by name instead of ID.

5.86. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.2 ( 2016-12-13 )

5.86.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix GitHubAuth to retrieve all organizations instead of only those publicly available.

  • Fixed ref to point to branch instead of commit sha in GitLabStatusPush

  • IRC maybeColorize is able to highlight single words and stop colorization at the end. The previous implementation only stopped colorization but not boldface.

  • fix compatibility issue with mysql5 (do not set default value for TEXT column).

  • Fixed addChange in Change to use the revlink configuration option to generate the revlink.

  • fix threading issue in DockerLatentWorker

5.86.2. Features

  • Implement BitbucketAuth.

  • New GerritEventLogPoller poller to poll Gerrit changes via http API.

  • New GerritVerifyStatusPush can send multiple review status for the same Gerrit change.

  • IRC appends the builder URL to a successful/failed build if available

  • MailNotifier now accepts useSmtps parameter for initiating connection over an SSL/TLS encrypted connection (SMTPS)

  • New support for Mesos and Marathon via MarathonLatentWorker. Marathon is a production-grade container orchestration platform for Mesosphere’s Data- center Operating System (DC/OS) and Apache Mesos.

  • password in DockerLatentWorker and HyperLatentWorker, can be None. In that case, they will be auto-generated from random number.

  • BitbucketServerStatusPush now accepts key, buildName, endDescription, startDescription, and verbose parameters to control the JSON sent to Stash.

  • Buildbot can now be configured to deny read access to REST api resources based on authorization rules.