This page documents the latest, unreleased version of Buildbot. For documentation for released versions, see GerritStatusPush

GerritStatusPush sends review of the Change back to the Gerrit server, optionally also sending a message when a build is started. GerritStatusPush can send a separate review for each build that completes, or a single review summarizing the results for all of the builds.

class buildbot.reporters.status_gerrit.GerritStatusPush(server, username, reviewCB, startCB, port, reviewArg, startArg, summaryCB, summaryArg, identity_file, builders, notify...)
  • server (string) – Gerrit SSH server’s address to use for push event notifications.

  • username (string) – Gerrit SSH server’s username.

  • identity_file – (optional) Gerrit SSH identity file.

  • port (int) – (optional) Gerrit SSH server’s port (default: 29418)

  • notify – (optional) Control who gets notified by Gerrit once the status is posted. The possible values for notify can be found in your version of the Gerrit documentation for the gerrit review command.


By default, a single summary review is sent; that is, a default summaryCB is provided, but no reviewCB or startCB.


If reviewCB or summaryCB do not return any labels, only a message will be pushed to the Gerrit server.

See also

master/docs/examples/git_gerrit.cfg and master/docs/examples/repo_gerrit.cfg in the Buildbot distribution provide a full example setup of Git+Gerrit or Repo+Gerrit of GerritStatusPush.