class buildbot.steps.python_twisted.Trial

This step runs a unit test suite using trial, a unittest-like testing framework that is a component of Twisted Python.

The Trial takes the following arguments:


(string or list of strings, optional) Which python executable to use. Will form the start of the argv array that will launch trial. If you use this, you should set trial to an explicit path (like /usr/bin/trial or ./bin/trial). Defaults to None, which leaves it out entirely (running ‘trial args’ instead of python ./bin/trial args’). Likely values are 'python', ['python3.5'], ['python', '-Wall'], etc.


(string, optional) Which ‘trial’ executable to run Defaults to 'trial', which will cause $PATH to be searched and probably find /usr/bin/trial. If you set python, this should be set to an explicit path (because python3.5 trial will not work).


(list of strings, optional) A list of arguments to pass to trial to set the reporting mode. This defaults to ['-to'] which means ‘verbose colorless output’ to the trial that comes with Twisted-2.0.x and at least -2.1.0 . Newer versions of Twisted may come with a trial that prefers ['--reporter=bwverbose'].


(list of strings, optional) A list of arguments to pass to trial. This can be used to turn on any extra flags you like. Defaults to [].


(integer, optional) Defines the number of parallel jobs.


(list of strings, optional) Defines the test modules to run. For example, ['twisted.test.test_defer', 'twisted.test.test_process'] If this is a string, it will be converted into a one-item list.


(boolean, optional) Selects the tests according to the changes in the Build. If set, this will override the tests parameter and asks the Build for all the files that make up the Changes going into this build. The filenames will be passed to trial asking to run just the tests necessary to cover the changes.


(boolean, optional) Selects the --recurse option of trial. This allows test cases to be found in deeper subdirectories of the modules listed in tests. When using testChanges this option is not necessary.


(boolean, optional) Selects the reactor to use within Trial. For example, options are gtk or java. If not provided, the Twisted’s usual platform-dependent default is used.


(boolean, optional) If True, adds the --random=0 argument, which instructs trial to run the unit tests in a random order each time. This occasionally catches problems that might be masked when one module always runs before another.


(dict, optional) The step inherits all arguments of ShellMixin except command.

Trial creates and switches into a directory named _trial_temp/ before running the tests, and sends the twisted log (which includes all exceptions) to a file named test.log. This file will be pulled up to the master where it can be seen as part of the status output.

from buildbot.plugins import steps