class buildbot.steps.source.gitlab.GitLab

GitLab step is exactly like the Git step, except that it uses the source repo and branch sent by the GitLab change hook when processing merge requests.

When configuring builders, you can use a ChangeFilter with category = "push" to select normal commits, and category = "merge_request" to select merge requests.

See master/docs/examples/gitlab.cfg in the Buildbot distribution for a tutorial example of integrating Buildbot with GitLab.


Your build worker will need access to the source project of the changeset, or it won’t be able to check out the source. This means authenticating the build worker via ssh credentials in the usual way, then granting it access [via a GitLab deploy key or GitLab project membership](https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/ssh/). This needs to be done not only for the main git repo, but also for each fork that wants to be able to submit merge requests against the main repo.