2.5.15. Reporters

The Buildmaster has a variety of ways to present build status to various users. Each such delivery method is a Reporter Target object in the configuration’s services list. To add reporter targets, you just append more objects to this list:

c['services'] = []

m = reporters.MailNotifier(fromaddr="buildbot@localhost",

c['services'].append(reporters.irc.IRC(host="irc.example.com", nick="bb",
                                       channels=[{"channel": "#example1"},
                                                 {"channel": "#example2",
                                                  "password": "somesecretpassword"}]))

Most reporter objects take a tags= argument, which can contain a list of tag names. In this case, the reporters will only show status for Builders that contain the named tags.


Implementation Note

Each of these objects should be a service.BuildbotService which will be attached to the BuildMaster object when the configuration is processed.

The following reporters are available:

Most of the report generators derive from ReporterBase which implements basic reporter management functionality.