2.5.14. Report Generators

Report generators abstract the conditions of when a message is sent by a Reporter and the content of the message.

Multiple report generators can be registered to a reporter.

At this moment, only the following reporters support report generators:

Eventually, report generator support will be added to the rest of the reporters as well.

The following report generators are available:

The report generators may customize the reports using message formatters. The following message formatter classes are provided:

Message formatters produce the following information that is later used by the report generators:

  • Message type: plain (text), html or json.

  • Message body: a string that describes the information about build or buildset. Other data types are supported too, but then the interpretation of data depends on actual reporter that is being used.

  • Message subject: an optional title of the message about build or buildset.

  • Extra information: optional dictionary of dictionaries with any extra information to give to the reporter. Interpretation of the data depends on the reporter that is being used.