2.5.8. Projects

The projects configuration key is a list of objects holding the configuration of the Projects. For more information on the Project function in Buildbot, see the Concepts chapter.

Project takes the following keyword arguments:


The name of the Project. Builders are associated to the Project using this string as their project parameter.

The following arguments are optional:


(string, optional) A short string that is used to refer to the project in the URLs of the Buildbot web UI.


(string, optional) A description of the project that appears in the Buildbot web UI.


(string, optional)

The format of the description parameter. By default, it is None and corresponds to plain text format. Allowed values: None, markdown. Example

The following is a demonstration of defining several Projects in the Buildbot configuration

from buildbot.plugins import util
c['projects'] = [
                 description="An application to build example widgets"),
                 description="Utilities for the example project"),