Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. ReporterBase

class buildbot.reporters.base.ReporterBase(generators)

ReporterBase is a base class used to implement various reporters. It accepts a list of report generators which define what messages to issue on what events. If generators decide that an event needs a report, then the sendMessage function is called. The sendMessage function should be implemented by deriving classes.


generators – (a list of report generator instances) A list of report generators to manage.

sendMessage(self, reports)

Sends the reports via the mechanism implemented by the specific implementation of the reporter. The reporter is expected to interpret all reports, figure out the best mechanism for reporting and report the given information.


The API provided by the sendMessage function is not yet stable and is subject to change.


reports – A list of dictionaries, one for each generator that provided a report.

Frequently used report keys


The list of report keys and their meanings are currently subject to change.

This documents frequently used keys within the dictionaries that are passed to the sendMessage function.

  • body: (string)

    The body of the report to be sent, usually sent as the body of e.g. email.

  • subject: (string or None)

    The subject of the report to be sent or None if nothing was supplied.

  • type: (string)

    The type of the body of the report. The following are currently supported: plain and html.

  • builder_name: (string)

    The name of the builder corresponding to the build or buildset that the report describes.

  • results: (an instance of an result value from buildbot.process.results)

    The current result of the build.

  • builds (a list of build dictionaries as reported by the data API)

    A list of builds that the report describes.

  • users (a list of strings)

    A list of users to send the report to.

  • patches (a list of patch dictionaries corresponding to sourcestamp’s patch values)

    A list of patches applied to the build or buildset that is being built.

  • logs (a list of dictionaries corresponding to logs as reported by the data API)

    A list of logs produced by the build(s) so far. The following two keys are provided in addition to what the data API provides:

    • stepname (string) The name of the step that produced the log.

    • content (string) The content of the log.