Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. GitLabStatusPush

from buildbot.plugins import reporters

gl = reporters.GitLabStatusPush('private-token', context='continuous-integration/buildbot',

GitLabStatusPush publishes build status using GitLab Commit Status API. The build status is published to a specific commit SHA in GitLab.

It requires txrequests package to allow interaction with GitLab Commit Status API.

It uses private token auth, and the token owner is required to have at least developer access to each repository. As a result, we recommend you use https in your base_url rather than http.

class buildbot.reporters.gitlab.GitLabStatusPush(token, context=None, baseURL=None, generators=None, verbose=False)
  • token (string) – Private token of user permitted to update status for commits. (can be a Secret)

  • context (string) – Name of your build system, eg. continuous-integration/buildbot

  • generators (list of IReportGenerator instances) – A list of report generators that will be used to generate reports to be sent by this reporter. Currently the reporter will consider only the report generated by the first generator.

  • baseURL (string) – the base url of the GitLab host, up to and optionally including the first / of the path. Do not include /api/

  • verbose (string) – Be more verbose

  • verify (boolean) – disable ssl verification for the case you use temporary self signed certificates

  • debug (boolean) – logs every requests and their response