Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.

4. Release Notes

4.1. Buildbot 3.0.2 ( 2021-03-16 )

4.1.1. Bug fixes

  • Updated Buildbot requirements to specify sqlalchemy 1.4 and newer as not supported yet.

4.2. Buildbot 3.0.1 ( 2021-03-14 )

4.2.1. Bug fixes

  • Fixed special character handling in avatar email URLs.

  • Fixed errors when an email address matches GitHub commits but the user is unknown to it.

  • Added missing report generators to the Buildbot plugin database (issue # 5892)

  • Fixed non-default mode support for BuildSetStatusGenerator.

4.3. Buildbot 3.0.0 ( 2021-03-08 )

This release includes all changes up to Buildbot 2.10.2.

4.3.1. Bug fixes

  • Avatar caching is now working properly and size argument is now handled correctly.

  • Removed display of hidden steps in the build summary tooltip.

  • GitHubPullrequestPoller now supports secrets in its token argument (issue # 4921)

  • Plugin database will no longer issue warnings on load, but only when a particular entry is accessed.

  • SSH connections are now run with -o BatchMode=yes to prevent interactive prompts which may tie up a step, reporter or change source until it times out.

4.3.2. Features

  • BitbucketPullrequestPoller, BitbucketCloudEventHandler, BitbucketServerEventHandler were enhanced to save PR entries matching provided masks as build properties.

  • BitbucketPullrequestPoller has been enhanced to optionally authorize Bitbucket API.

  • Added pullrequesturl property to the following pollers and change hooks: BitbucketPullrequestPoller, GitHubPullrequestPoller, GitHubEventHandler. This unifies all Bitbucket and GitHub pollers with the shared property interface.

  • AvatarGitHub class has been enhanced to handle avatar based on email requests and take size argument into account

  • Added support for Fossil user objects for use by the buildbot-fossil plugin.

  • A new www.ws_ping_interval configuration option was added to avoid websocket timeouts when using reverse proxies and CDNs (issue # 4078)

4.3.3. Deprecations and Removals

  • Removed deprecated encoding argument to BitbucketPullrequestPoller.

  • Removed deprecated support for constructing build steps from class and arguments in BuildFactory.addStep().

  • Removed support for deprecated db_poll_interval configuration setting.

  • Removed support for deprecated logHorizon, eventHorizon and buildHorizon configuration settings.

  • Removed support for deprecated nextWorker function signature that accepts two parameters instead of three.

  • Removed deprecated status configuration setting.

  • LoggingBuildStep has been removed.

  • GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS steps now use new-style step implementation.

  • MasterShellCommand step now uses new-style step implementation.

  • Configure, Compile, ShellCommand, SetPropertyFromCommand, WarningCountingShellCommand, Test steps now use new-style step implementation.

  • Removed support for old-style steps.

  • Python 3.5 is no longer supported for running Buildbot master.

  • The deprecated HipChatStatusPush reporter has been removed.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of HttpStatusPush reporter: format_fn, builders, wantProperties, wantSteps, wantPreviousBuild, wantLogs, user, password.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of BitbucketStatusPush reporter: builders, wantProperties, wantSteps, wantPreviousBuild, wantLogs.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of BitbucketServerStatusPush, BitbucketServerCoreAPIStatusPush, GerritVerifyStatusPush, GitHubStatusPush, GitHubCommentPush and GitLabStatusPush reporters: startDescription, endDescription, builders, wantProperties, wantSteps, wantPreviousBuild, wantLogs.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of BitbucketServerPRCommentPush, MailNotifier, PushjetNotifier and PushoverNotifier reporters: subject, mode, builders, tags, schedulers, branches, buildSetSummary, messageFormatter, watchedWorkers, messageFormatterMissingWorker.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of MessageFormatter report formatter: template_name.

  • The deprecated send() function that can be overridden by custom reporters has been removed.

  • Removed deprecated support for template_filename, template_dir and subject_filename configuration parameters of message formatters.

  • The deprecated buildbot.status module has been removed.

  • The deprecated MTR step has been removed. Contributors are welcome to step in, migrate this step to newer APIs and add a proper test suite to restore this step in Buildbot.

  • Removed deprecated buildbot.test.fake.httpclientservice.HttpClientService.getFakeService() function.

  • Removed deprecated support for block_device_map argument of EC2LatentWorker being not a list.

  • Removed support for deprecated builder categories which have been replaced by tags.

5. Older Release Notes

Note that Buildbot-0.8.11 was never released.