Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. IRC Bot

class buildbot.reporters.irc.IRC

The IRC reporter creates an IRC bot which will attach to certain channels and be available for status queries. It can also be asked to announce builds as they occur, or be told to shut up.

The IRC Bot in buildbot nine, is mostly a rewrite, and not all functionality has been ported yet. Patches are very welcome for restoring the full functionality.

from buildbot.plugins import reporters
irc = reporters.IRC("", "botnickname",
                 channels=[{"channel": "#example1"},
                           {"channel": "#example2",
                            "password": "somesecretpassword"}],
                 authz={('force', 'stop'): "authorizednick"}

The following parameters are accepted by this class:


(mandatory) The IRC server address to connect to.


(mandatory) The name this bot will use on the IRC server.


(mandatory) This is a list of channels to join on the IRC server. Each channel can be a string (e.g. #buildbot), or a dictionary {'channel': '#buildbot', 'password': 'secret'} if each channel requires a different password. A global password can be set with the password parameter.


(optional) This is a list of person to contact on the IRC server.


(optional) Authentication list for commands. It must be a dictionary with command names or tuples of command names as keys. There are two special command names: '' (empty string) meaning any harmless command and '!' for dangerous commands (currently force, stop, and shutdown). The dictionary values are either True of False (which allows or deny commands for everybody) or a list of nicknames authorized to issue specified commands. By default, harmless commands are allowed for everybody and the dangerous ones are prohibited.

A sample authz parameter may look as follows:

  'version': True,
  '': ['alice', 'bob'],
  ('force', 'stop'): ['alice'],

Anybody will be able to run the version command, alice and bob will be allowed to run any safe command and alice will also have the right to force and stop builds.

This parameter replaces older allowForce and allowShutdown, which are deprecated as they were considered a security risk.


The authorization is purely nick-based, so it only makes sense if the specified nicks are registered to the IRC server.


(optional, default to 6667) The port to connect to on the IRC server.


(optional) When set, this bot will only communicate about builders containing those tags. (tags functionality is not yet ported)


(optional) The global password used to register the bot to the IRC server. If provided, it will be sent to Nickserv to claim the nickname: some IRC servers will not allow clients to send private messages until they have logged in with a password. Can be a Secret.


(optional) A list or set of events to be notified on the IRC channels. At the moment, irc bot can listen to build ‘start’ and ‘finish’ events. It can also notify about missing workers and their return. This parameter can be changed during run-time by sending the notify command to the bot. Note however, that at the buildbot restart or reconfig the notifications listed here will be turned on for the specified channel and nicks. On the other hand, removing events from this parameters will not automatically stop notifications for them (you need to turn them off for every channel with the notify command).


(optional, disabled by default) Whether to send notices rather than messages when communicating with a channel.


(optional, disabled by default) Whether or not to display the blame list for failed builds. (blame list functionality is not ported yet)


(optional, disabled by default) Whether or not to display the revision leading to the build the messages are about. (useRevisions functionality is not ported yet)


(optional, disabled by default) Whether or not to use SSL when connecting to the IRC server. Note that this option requires PyOpenSSL.


(optional) Delay to wait before reconnecting to the server when the connection has been lost.


(optional) Delay to wait before reconnecting to the IRC server when the connection failed.


(optional, enabled by default) The bot can add color to some of its messages. You might turn it off by setting this parameter to False.

The following parameters are deprecated. You must not use them if you use the new authz parameter.


Security Note

Please note that any user having access to your irc channel or can PM the bot will be able to create or stop builds bug #3377. Use authz to give explicit list of nicks who are allowed to do this.


(deprecated, disabled by default) This allow all users to force and stop builds via this bot.


(deprecated, disabled by default) This allow all users to shutdown the master.

To use the service, you address messages at the Buildbot, either normally (botnickname: status) or with private messages (/msg botnickname status). The Buildbot will respond in kind.

If you issue a command that is currently not available, the Buildbot will respond with an error message. If the noticeOnChannel=True option was used, error messages will be sent as channel notices instead of messaging.

Some of the commands currently available:

list builders

Emit a list of all configured builders

status BUILDER

Announce the status of a specific Builder: what it is doing right now.

status all

Announce the status of all Builders


If the given Builder is currently running, wait until the Build is finished and then announce the results.


Return the results of the last build to run on the given Builder.

notify on|off|list EVENT

Report events relating to builds. If the command is issued as a private message, then the report will be sent back as a private message to the user who issued the command. Otherwise, the report will be sent to the channel. Available events to be notified are:


A build has started.


A build has finished.


A build finished successfully.


A build failed.


A build generated and exception.


A build was cancelled.


The previous build result was success or warnings, but this one ended with failure or exception.


This is the opposite of problem: the previous build result was failure or exception and this one ended with success or warnings.


A build state was worse than the previous one (so e.g. it ended with warnings and the previous one was successful).


A build state was better than the previous one.


A worker is missing. A notification is also send when the previously reported missing worker connects again.

By default this command can be executed by anybody. However, consider limiting it with authz, as enabling notifications in huge number of channels or private chats can cause some problems with your buildbot efficiency.


Describe a command. Use help commands to get a list of known commands.


Announce the URL of the Buildbot’s home page.


Announce the version of this Buildbot.

Additionally, the config file may specify default notification options as shown in the example earlier.

If explicitly allowed in the authz config, some additional commands will be available:


Join the given IRC channel


Leave the given IRC channel

force build [--codebase=CODEBASE] [--branch=BRANCH] [--revision=REVISION] [--props=PROP1=VAL1,PROP2=VAL2...] BUILDER REASON

Tell the given Builder to start a build of the latest code. The user requesting the build and REASON are recorded in the Build status. The Buildbot will announce the build’s status when it finishes.The user can specify a branch and/or revision with the optional parameters --branch=BRANCH and --revision=REVISION. The user can also give a list of properties with --props=PROP1=VAL1,PROP2=VAL2...


Terminate any running build in the given Builder. REASON will be added to the build status to explain why it was stopped. You might use this if you committed a bug, corrected it right away, and don’t want to wait for the first build (which is destined to fail) to complete before starting the second (hopefully fixed) build.

shutdown ARG

Control the shutdown process of the Buildbot master. Available arguments are:


Check if the Buildbot master is running or shutting down


Start clean shutdown


Stop clean shutdown


Shutdown immediately without waiting for the builders to finish

If the tags is set (see the tags option in Builder Configuration) changes related to only builders belonging to those tags of builders will be sent to the channel.

If the useRevisions option is set to True, the IRC bot will send status messages that replace the build number with a list of revisions that are contained in that build. So instead of seeing build #253 of …, you would see something like build containing revisions [a87b2c4]. Revisions that are stored as hashes are shortened to 7 characters in length, as multiple revisions can be contained in one build and may exceed the IRC message length limit.

Two additional arguments can be set to control how fast the IRC bot tries to reconnect when it encounters connection issues. lostDelay is the number of seconds the bot will wait to reconnect when the connection is lost, where as failedDelay is the number of seconds until the bot tries to reconnect when the connection failed. lostDelay defaults to a random number between 1 and 5, while failedDelay defaults to a random one between 45 and 60. Setting random defaults like this means multiple IRC bots are less likely to deny each other by flooding the server.