4. Release Notes

4.1. Buildbot 0.9.3 ( 2017-01-11 )

4.1.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix BitbucketStatusPush ep should start with / assertion error.
  • Fix duplicate worker use case, where a worker with the same name would make the other worker also disconnect (bug #3656)
  • GitPoller: buildPushesWithNoCommits now rebuilds for a known branch that was updated to an existing commit.
  • Fix issue with log viewer not staying at bottom of the log when loading log lines.
  • Fixed addBuildURLs in :py:class: `~buildbot.steps.trigger.Trigger to use results from triggered builds to include in the URL name exposed by API.
  • Fix Wamp mq support by removing debug, debug_amp and debug_app from the mq config, which is not available in latest version of Python Autobahn. You can now use wamp_debug_level option instead.
  • fix issue with factory.workdir AttributeError are not properly reported.

4.1.2. Features

  • Optimize the memory consumption of the log compression process. Buildbot do not load the whole log into memory anymore. This should improve a lot buildbot memory footprint.
  • Changed the build page so that the preview of the logs are shown in live. It is a preview means the last lines of log. How many lines is configurable per user in the user settings page.
  • Log viewer line numbers are no longer selectable, so that it is easier to copy paste.
  • DockerLatentWorker accepts now renderable Dockerfile
  • Renderer function can now return IRenderable objects.
  • new SetProperties which allows to generate and transform properties separately.
  • Handle new workers in windows_service.py script.
  • Sort the builders in the waterfall view by name instead of ID.

4.2. Buildbot 0.9.2 ( 2016-12-13 )

4.2.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix GitHubAuth to retrieve all organizations instead of only those publicly available.
  • Fixed ref to point to branch instead of commit sha in GitlabStatusPush
  • IRC maybeColorize is able to highlight single words and stop colorization at the end. The previous implementation only stopped colorization but not boldface.
  • fix compatibility issue with mysql5 (do not set default value for TEXT column).
  • Fixed addChange in Change to use the revlink configuration option to generate the revlink.
  • fix threading issue in DockerLatentWorker

4.2.2. Features

  • Implement BitbucketAuth.
  • New GerritEventLogPoller poller to poll Gerrit changes via http API.
  • New GerritVerifyStatusPush can send multiple review status for the same Gerrit change.
  • IRC appends the builder URL to a successful/failed build if available
  • MailNotifier now accepts useSmtps parameter for initiating connection over an SSL/TLS encrypted connection (SMTPS)
  • New support for Mesos and Marathon via MarathonLatentWorker. Marathon is a production-grade container orchestration platform for Mesosphere's Data- center Operating System (DC/OS) and Apache Mesos.
  • password in DockerLatentWorker and HyperLatentWorker, can be None. In that case, they will be auto-generated from random number.
  • StashStatusPush now accepts key, buildName, endDescription, startDescription, and verbose parameters to control the JSON sent to Stash.
  • Buildbot can now be configured to deny read access to REST api resources based on authorization rules.