5.12. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.0b4

The following are the release notes for Buildbot 0.9.0b4 This version was released on October 20, 2015.

See Upgrading to Nine for a guide to upgrading from 0.8.x to 0.9.x

5.12.1. Master

This version is very similar to 0.9.0b3, re-released due to issues with PyPI uploads. Changes for Developers

  • The data API's startConsuming method has been removed. Instead of calling this method with a data API path, call self.master.mq.startConsuming with an appropriate message routing pattern.

5.12.2. Slave

No changes since 0.9.0b3.

5.12.3. Details

For a more detailed description of the changes made in this version, see the git log itself:

git log v0.9.0b3..v0.9.0b4