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4.14 Status Targets

The Buildmaster has a variety of ways to present build status to various users. Each such delivery method is a “Status Target” object in the configuration's status list. To add status targets, you just append more objects to this list:

     c['status'] = []
     from buildbot.status import html
     from buildbot.status import mail
     m = mail.MailNotifier(fromaddr="buildbot@localhost",
     from buildbot.status import words
     c['status'].append(words.IRC(host="", nick="bb",
                                  channels=[{"channel": "#example1"},
                                            {"channel": "#example2",
                                             "password": "somesecretpassword"}]))

Most status delivery objects take a categories= argument, which can contain a list of “category” names: in this case, it will only show status for Builders that are in one of the named categories.

Implementation Note

Each of these objects should be a service.MultiService which will be attached to the BuildMaster object when the configuration is processed. They should use self.parent.getStatus() to get access to the top-level IStatus object, either inside startService or later. They may call status.subscribe() in startService to receive notifications of builder events, in which case they must define builderAdded and related methods. See the docstrings in buildbot/ for full details.