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4.14.8 Writing New Status Plugins

TODO: this needs a lot more examples

Each status plugin is an object which provides the twisted.application.service.IService interface, which creates a tree of Services with the buildmaster at the top [not strictly true]. The status plugins are all children of an object which implements buildbot.interfaces.IStatus, the main status object. From this object, the plugin can retrieve anything it wants about current and past builds. It can also subscribe to hear about new and upcoming builds.

Status plugins which only react to human queries (like the Waterfall display) never need to subscribe to anything: they are idle until someone asks a question, then wake up and extract the information they need to answer it, then they go back to sleep. Plugins which need to act spontaneously when builds complete (like the MailNotifier plugin) need to subscribe to hear about new builds.

If the status plugin needs to run network services (like the HTTP server used by the Waterfall plugin), they can be attached as Service children of the plugin itself, using the IServiceCollection interface.