Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.

3.8.8. Changes connector

class buildbot.db.changes.ChangesConnectorComponent

This class handles changes in the Buildbot database, including pulling information from the changes sub-tables.

An instance of this class is available at master.db.changes.

Changes are indexed by changeid, and are represented by a chdict, which has the following keys:

  • changeid (the ID of this change)

  • parent_changeids (list of ID; change’s parents)

  • author (unicode; the author of the change)

  • committer (unicode; the committer of the change)

  • files (list of unicode; source-code filenames changed)

  • comments (unicode; user comments)

  • is_dir (deprecated)

  • links (list of unicode; links for this change, e.g., to web views, review)

  • revision (unicode string; revision for this change, or None if unknown)

  • when_timestamp (datetime instance; time of the change)

  • branch (unicode string; branch on which the change took place, or None for the “default branch”, whatever that might mean)

  • category (unicode string; user-defined category of this change, or None)

  • revlink (unicode string; link to a web view of this change)

  • properties (user-specified properties for this change, represented as a dictionary mapping keys to (value, source))

  • repository (unicode string; repository where this change occurred)

  • project (unicode string; user-defined project to which this change corresponds)

getParentChangeIds(branch, repository, project, codebase)
  • branch (unicode string) – the branch of the change

  • repository (unicode string) – the repository in which this change took place

  • project (unicode string) – the project this change is a part of

  • codebase (unicode string) –


the last changeID that matches the branch, repository, project, or codebase

addChange(author=None, committer=None, files=None, comments=None, is_dir=0, links=None, revision=None, when_timestamp=None, branch=None, category=None, revlink='', properties={}, repository='', project='', uid=None)
  • author (unicode string) – the author of this change

  • committer (unicode string) – the committer of this change

  • files – a list of filenames that were changed

  • comments – user comments on the change

  • is_dir – deprecated

  • links (list of unicode strings) – a list of links related to this change, e.g., to web viewers or review pages

  • revision (unicode string) – the revision identifier for this change

  • when_timestamp (datetime instance or None) – when this change occurred, or the current time if None

  • branch (unicode string) – the branch on which this change took place

  • category (unicode string) – category for this change (arbitrary use by Buildbot users)

  • revlink (unicode string) – link to a web view of this revision

  • properties (dictionary) – properties to set on this change, where values are tuples of (value, source). At the moment, the source must be 'Change', although this may be relaxed in later versions

  • repository (unicode string) – the repository in which this change took place

  • project (unicode string) – the project this change is a part of

  • uid (integer) – uid generated for the change author


new change’s ID via Deferred

Add a Change with the given attributes to the database, returning the changeid via a Deferred. All arguments should be given as keyword arguments.

The project and repository arguments must be strings; None is not allowed.

getChange(changeid, no_cache=False)
  • changeid – the id of the change instance to fetch

  • no_cache (boolean) – bypass cache and always fetch from database


chdict via Deferred

Get a change dictionary for the given changeid, or None if no such change exists.


changeid – the id of the change instance to fetch


list of uids via Deferred

Get the userids associated with the given changeid.


resultSpec – result spec containing filters sorting and paging requests from data/REST API. If possible, the db layer can optimize the SQL query using this information.


list of dictionaries via Deferred

Get a list of the changes, represented as dictionaries, matching the given criteria. if resultSpec is not provided, changes are sorted, and paged using generic data query options.


list of dictionaries via Deferred

Get the number of changes that the query option would return if no paging option was set.


changeid via Deferred

Get the most-recently-assigned changeid, or None if there are no changes at all.


buildid – ID of the build


list of dictionaries via Deferred

Get the “blame” list of changes for a build.


changeid – ID of the change


list of buildDict via Deferred

Get builds related to a change.


sourcestampid – ID of the sourcestampid


chdict via Deferred

Returns the change dictionary related to the sourcestamp ID.