2.12.7. Transition to “worker” terminology in BuildBot 0.9.0

Since version 0.9.0 of Buildbot “slave”-based terminology is deprecated in favor of “worker”-based terminology.

API change is done in backward compatible way, so old “slave”-containing classes, functions and attributes are still available and can be used. Old API support will be removed in the future versions of Buildbot.

Rename of API introduced in beta versions of Buildbot 0.9.0 done without providing fallback. See release notes for the list of breaking changes of private interfaces. The fallbacks have been removed in Buildbot version 2.0.0. Old names fallback settings

Use of obsolete names will raise Python warnings with category buildbot.worker_transition.DeprecatedWorkerAPIWarning. By default these warnings are printed in the application log. This behaviour can be changed by setting appropriate Python warnings settings via Python’s warnings module:

import warnings
from buildbot.worker_transition import DeprecatedWorkerAPIWarning
# Treat old-name usage as errors:
warnings.simplefilter("error", DeprecatedWorkerAPIWarning)

See Python’s warnings module documentation for complete list of available actions, in particular warnings can be disabled using "ignore" action.

It’s recommended to configure warnings inside buildbot.tac, before using any other Buildbot classes. Changed API

In general “Slave” and “Buildslave” parts in identifiers and messages were replaced with “Worker”; “SlaveBuilder” with “WorkerForBuilder”.

Below is the list of changed API (use of old names from this list will work). Note that some of these symbols are not included in Buildbot’s public API. Compatibility is provided as a convenience to those using the private symbols anyway.

  • buildbot.interfaces.IBuildSlave was renamed to IWorker

  • buildbot.interfaces.NoSlaveError (private) left as is, but deprecated (it shouldn’t be used at all)

  • buildbot.interfaces.BuildSlaveTooOldError was renamed to WorkerTooOldError

  • buildbot.interfaces.LatentBuildSlaveFailedToSubstantiate (private) was renamed to LatentWorkerFailedToSubstantiate

  • buildbot.interfaces.ILatentBuildSlave was renamed to ILatentWorker

  • buildbot.interfaces.ISlaveStatus (will be removed in 0.9.x) was renamed to IWorkerStatus

  • buildbot.buildslave module with all contents was renamed to buildbot.worker

  • buildbot.buildslave.AbstractBuildSlave was renamed to buildbot.worker.AbstractWorker

  • buildbot.buildslave.AbstractBuildSlave.slavename (private) was renamed to buildbot.worker.AbstractWorker.workername

  • buildbot.buildslave.AbstractLatentBuildSlave was renamed to buildbot.worker.AbstractLatentWorker

  • buildbot.buildslave.BuildSlave was renamed to buildbot.worker.Worker

  • buildbot.buildslave.ec2 was renamed to buildbot.worker.ec2

  • buildbot.buildslave.ec2.EC2LatentBuildSlave was renamed to buildbot.worker.ec2.EC2LatentWorker

  • buildbot.buildslave.libvirt was renamed to buildbot.worker.libvirt

  • buildbot.buildslave.libvirt.LibVirtSlave was renamed to buildbot.worker.libvirt.LibVirtWorker

  • buildbot.buildslave.openstack was renamed to buildbot.worker.openstack

  • buildbot.buildslave.openstack.OpenStackLatentBuildSlave was renamed to buildbot.worker.openstack.OpenStackLatentWorker

  • buildbot.config.MasterConfig.slaves was renamed to workers

  • buildbot.config.BuilderConfig constructor keyword argument slavename was renamed to workername

  • buildbot.config.BuilderConfig constructor keyword argument slavenames was renamed to workernames

  • buildbot.config.BuilderConfig constructor keyword argument slavebuilddir was renamed to workerbuilddir

  • buildbot.config.BuilderConfig constructor keyword argument nextSlave was renamed to nextWorker

  • buildbot.config.BuilderConfig.slavenames was renamed to workernames

  • buildbot.config.BuilderConfig.slavebuilddir was renamed to workerbuilddir

  • buildbot.config.BuilderConfig.nextSlave was renamed to nextWorker

  • buildbot.process.slavebuilder was renamed to buildbot.process.workerforbuilder

  • buildbot.process.slavebuilder.AbstractSlaveBuilder was renamed to buildbot.process.workerforbuilder.AbstractWorkerForBuilder

  • buildbot.process.slavebuilder.AbstractSlaveBuilder.slave was renamed to buildbot.process.workerforbuilder.AbstractWorkerForBuilder.worker

  • buildbot.process.slavebuilder.SlaveBuilder was renamed to buildbot.process.workerforbuilder.WorkerForBuilder

  • buildbot.process.slavebuilder.LatentSlaveBuilder was renamed to buildbot.process.workerforbuilder.LatentWorkerForBuilder

  • buildbot.process.build.Build.getSlaveName was renamed to getWorkerName

  • buildbot.process.build.Build.slavename was renamed to workername

  • buildbot.process.builder.enforceChosenSlave was renamed to enforceChosenWorker

  • buildbot.process.builder.Builder.canStartWithSlavebuilder was renamed to canStartWithWorkerForBuilder

  • buildbot.process.builder.Builder.attaching_slaves was renamed to attaching_workers

  • buildbot.process.builder.Builder.slaves was renamed to workers

  • buildbot.process.builder.Builder.addLatentSlave was renamed to addLatentWorker

  • buildbot.process.builder.Builder.getAvailableSlaves was renamed to getAvailableWorkers

  • buildbot.schedulers.forcesched.BuildslaveChoiceParameter was renamed to WorkerChoiceParameter

  • buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.buildslave was renamed to buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.worker (also it was moved from class static attribute to instance attribute)

  • buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.setBuildSlave was renamed to buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.setWorker

  • buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.slaveVersion was renamed to buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.workerVersion

  • buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.slaveVersionIsOlderThan was renamed to buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.workerVersionIsOlderThan

  • buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.checkSlaveHasCommand was renamed to buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.checkWorkerHasCommand

  • buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.getSlaveName was renamed to buildbot.process.buildstep.BuildStep.getWorkerName

  • buildbot.locks.SlaveLock was renamed to buildbot.locks.WorkerLock

  • buildbot.locks.SlaveLock.maxCountForSlave was renamed to buildbot.locks.WorkerLock.maxCountForWorker

  • buildbot.locks.SlaveLock constructor argument maxCountForSlave was renamed to maxCountForWorker

  • buildbot.steps.slave was renamed to buildbot.steps.worker

  • buildbot.steps.slave.SlaveBuildStep was renamed to buildbot.steps.worker.WorkerBuildStep

  • buildbot.steps.slave.CompositeStepMixin.getFileContentFromSlave was renamed to buildbot.steps.worker.CompositeStepMixin.getFileContentFromWorker

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.FileUpload.slavesrc was renamed workersrc

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.FileUpload constructor argument slavesrc was renamed to workersrc

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.DirectoryUpload.slavesrc was renamed to workersrc

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.DirectoryUpload constructor argument slavesrc was renamed to workersrc

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.MultipleFileUpload.slavesrcs was renamed to workersrcs

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.MultipleFileUpload constructor argument slavesrcs was renamed to workersrcs

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.FileDownload.slavedest was renamed to workerdest

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.FileDownload constructor argument slavedest was renamed to workerdest

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.StringDownload.slavedest was renamed to workerdest

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.StringDownload constructor argument slavedest was renamed to workerdest

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.JSONStringDownload.slavedest was renamed to workerdest

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.JSONStringDownload constructor argument slavedest was renamed to workerdest

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.JSONPropertiesDownload.slavedest was renamed to workerdest

  • buildbot.steps.transfer.JSONPropertiesDownload was renamed to constructor argument slavedest was renamed to workerdest

  • buildbot.process.remotecommand.RemoteCommand.buildslave was renamed to worker Plugins

buildbot.buildslave entry point was renamed to buildbot.worker, new plugins should be updated accordingly.

Plugins that use old buildbot.buildslave entry point are still available in the configuration file in the same way, as they were in versions prior 0.9.0:

from buildbot.plugins import buildslave  # deprecated, use "worker" instead
w = buildslave.ThirdPartyWorker()

But also they available using new namespace inside configuration file, so its recommended to use buildbot.plugins.worker name even if plugin uses old entry points:

from buildbot.plugins import worker
# ThirdPartyWorker can be defined in using `buildbot.buildslave` entry
# point, this still will work.
w = worker.ThirdPartyWorker()

Other changes:

  • buildbot.plugins.util.BuildslaveChoiceParameter is deprecated in favor of WorkerChoiceParameter.

  • buildbot.plugins.util.enforceChosenSlave is deprecated in favor of enforceChosenWorker.

  • buildbot.plugins.util.SlaveLock is deprecated in favor of WorkerLock. BuildmasterConfig changes

  • c['slaves'] was replaced with c['workers']. Use of c['slaves'] will work, but is considered deprecated, and will be removed in the future versions of Buildbot.

  • Configuration key c['slavePortnum'] is deprecated in favor of c['protocols']['pb']['port']. Docker latent worker changes

In addition to class being renamed, environment variables that are set inside container SLAVENAME and SLAVEPASS were renamed to WORKERNAME and WORKERPASS accordingly. Old environment variable are still available, but are deprecated and will be removed in the future. EC2 latent worker changes

Use of default values of keypair_name and security_name constructor arguments of buildbot.worker.ec2.EC2LatentWorker is deprecated. Please specify them explicitly. steps.slave.SetPropertiesFromEnv changes

In addition to buildbot.steps.slave module being renamed to buildbot.steps.worker, default source value for SetPropertiesFromEnv was changed from "SlaveEnvironment" to "WorkerEnvironment". Local worker changes

Working directory for local workers were changed from master-basedir/slaves/name to master-basedir/workers/name. Worker Manager changes

slave_config function argument was renamed to worker_config. Properties

  • slavename property is deprecated in favor of workername property. Render of deprecated property will produce warning.

    buildbot.worker.AbstractWorker (previously buildbot.buildslave.AbstractBuildSlave) slavename property source were changed from BuildSlave to Worker (deprecated)

    AbstractWorker now sets workername property with source Worker which should be used. Metrics

  • buildbot.process.metrics.AttachedSlavesWatcher was renamed to buildbot.process.metrics.AttachedWorkersWatcher.

  • buildbot.worker.manager.WorkerManager.name (previously buildbot.buildslave.manager.BuildslaveManager.name) metric measurement class name changed from BuildslaveManager to WorkerManager

  • buildbot.worker.manager.WorkerManager.managed_services_name (previously buildbot.buildslave.manager.BuildslaveManager.managed_services_name`) metric measurement managed service name changed from ``buildslaves to workers

Renamed events:

Old name

New name












attached_workers Database

Schema changes:

Old name

New name

buildslaves table


builds.buildslaveid (not ForeignKey) column

workerid (now ForeignKey)

configured_buildslaves table


configured_buildslaves.buildslaveid (ForeignKey) column


connected_buildslaves table


connected_buildslaves.buildslaveid (ForeignKey) column


buildslaves_name index


configured_slaves_buildmasterid index


configured_slaves_slaves index


configured_slaves_identity index


connected_slaves_masterid index


connected_slaves_slaves index


connected_slaves_identity index


builds_buildslaveid index


List of database-related changes in API (fallback for old API is provided): usePTY changes

usePTY default value has been changed from slave-config to None (use of slave-config will still work, but discouraged). buildbot-worker

buildbot-slave package has been renamed to buildbot-worker.

buildbot-worker has backward incompatible changes and requires buildmaster >= 0.9.0b8. buildbot-slave from 0.8.x will work with both 0.8.x and 0.9.x versions of buildmaster, so there is no need to upgrade currently deployed buildbot-slaves during switch from 0.8.x to 0.9.x.

Master/worker compatibility table

master 0.8.x

master 0.9.x







buildbot-worker doesn’t support worker-side specification of usePTY (with --usepty command line switch of buildbot-worker create-worker), you need to specify this option on master side.

getSlaveInfo remote command was renamed to getWorkerInfo in buildbot-worker.