Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.

3.5.8. forcescheduler

resource type: forcescheduler
  • all_fields[] (object) –

  • builder_names[] (identifier) – names of the builders that this scheduler can trigger

  • button_name (string) – label of the button to use in the UI

  • label (string) – label of this scheduler to be displayed in the ui

  • name (identifier) – name of this scheduler

A forcescheduler initiates builds, via a formular in the web UI. At the moment, forceschedulers must be defined on all the masters where a web ui is configured. A particular forcescheduler runs on the master where the web request was sent.


This datatype and associated endpoints will be deprecated when bug #2673 will be resolved. Endpoints

path: /builders/{builderid_or_buildername}/forceschedulers
Path Keys

| identifier builderid_or_buildername (number) – the ID or name of the builder

This path selects all force-schedulers for a given builder


collection of forcescheduler

path: /forceschedulers

This path selects all forceschedulers.


collection of forcescheduler

path: /forceschedulers/{schedulername}
Path Keys

schedulername (identifier) – the name of a scheduler

This path selects all changesource.


collection of forcescheduler

POST with method: /forceschedulers/{schedulername} (method=force)
Body keys
  • method (string) – must be force

  • owner (string) – The user who wants to create the buildrequest

  • [] – content of the forcescheduler parameter is dependent on the configuration of the forcescheduler