Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. PushjetNotifier

class buildbot.reporters.pushover.PushjetNotifier

Pushjet is another instant notification service, similar to PushoverNotifier. To use this reporter, you need to generate a Pushjet service and provide its secret.

The following parameters are accepted by this class:


(list) A list of instances of IReportGenerator which defines the conditions of when the messages will be sent and contents of them. See Report Generators for more information.


This is a secret token for your Pushjet service. See to learn how to create a new Pushjet service and get its secret token. Can be a Secret.


Dictionary of Pushjet notification levels. The keys of the dictionary can be change, failing, passing, warnings, exception and are equivalent to the mode strings. The values are integers between 0…5, specifying notification priority. In case a mode is missing from this dictionary, the default value set by Pushover is used.


Base URL for custom Pushjet instances. Defaults to