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4.11 Build Steps

BuildSteps are usually specified in the buildmaster's configuration file, in a list that goes into the BuildFactory. The BuildStep instances in this list are used as templates to construct new independent copies for each build (so that state can be kept on the BuildStep in one build without affecting a later build). Each BuildFactory can be created with a list of steps, or the factory can be created empty and then steps added to it using the addStep method:

     from buildbot.steps import source, shell
     from buildbot.process import factory
     f = factory.BuildFactory()
     f.addStep(shell.ShellCommand(command=["make", "all"]))
     f.addStep(shell.ShellCommand(command=["make", "test"]))

The rest of this section lists all the standard BuildStep objects available for use in a Build, and the parameters which can be used to control each.