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Class Test

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           process.buildstep.BuildStep --+            
        process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep --+        
                                  ShellCommand --+    
                       WarningCountingShellCommand --+
Known Subclasses:

Instance Methods
setTestResults(self, total=0, failed=0, passed=0, warnings=0)
Called by subclasses to set the relevant statistics; this actually adds to any statistics already present
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describe(self, done=False)
Return a list of short strings to describe this step, for the status display.
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Class Variables
  name = 'test'
  warnOnFailure = 1
  description = ['testing']
  descriptionDone = ['test']
  command = ['make', 'test']
a list of renderable objects (typically strings or WithProperties instances).

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Instance Variables

Inherited from ShellCommand: lazylogfiles, logfiles

Method Details

describe(self, done=False)

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Return a list of short strings to describe this step, for the status display. This uses the first few words of the shell command. You can replace this by setting .description in your subclass, or by overriding this method to describe the step better.

  • done - whether the command is complete or not, to improve the way the command is described. done=False is used while the command is still running, so a single imperfect-tense verb is appropriate ('compiling', 'testing', ...) done=True is used when the command has finished, and the default getText() method adds some text, so a simple noun is appropriate ('compile', 'tests' ...)
Overrides: process.buildstep.BuildStep.describe