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Class PropertiesMixin

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Known Subclasses:

A mixin to add IProperties methods to a class which does not implement the interface, but which can be coerced to the interface via an adapter.

This is useful because IProperties methods are often called on Build and BuildStatus objects without first coercing them.

Instance Methods
getProperty(self, propname, default=None) source code
hasProperty(self, propname) source code
has_key(self, propname) source code
setProperty(self, propname, value, source='Unknown', runtime=None) source code
getProperties(self) source code
render(self, value) source code
Object Specification Descriptor
source code
Special descriptor for class __provides__
Class Variables
  __implemented__ = <implementedBy
Instance Variables
  set_runtime_properties = False
the default value for the runtime parameter of setProperty.
Method Details


Special descriptor for class __provides__

The descriptor caches the implementedBy info, so that
we can get declarations for objects without instance-specific
interfaces a bit quicker.

For example:

  >>> from zope.interface import Interface
  >>> class IFooFactory(Interface):
  ...     pass
  >>> class IFoo(Interface):
  ...     pass
  >>> class C(object):
  ...     implements(IFoo)
  ...     classProvides(IFooFactory)
  >>> [i.getName() for i in C.__provides__]

  >>> [i.getName() for i in C().__provides__]

Class Variable Details