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Class Trial

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           process.buildstep.BuildStep --+        
        process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep --+    
                            shell.ShellCommand --+

There are some class attributes which may be usefully overridden by subclasses. 'trialMode' and 'trialArgs' can influence the trial command line.

Instance Methods
__init__(self, reactor=(), python=None, trial=None, testpath=(), tests=None, testChanges=None, recurse=None, randomly=None, trialMode=None, trialArgs=None, **kwargs) source code
setupEnvironment(self, cmd) source code
start(self) source code
commandComplete(self, cmd) source code
rtext(self, fmt='%s') source code
addTestResult(self, testname, results, text, tlog) source code
createSummary(self, loog) source code
evaluateCommand(self, cmd) source code
getText(self, cmd, results) source code
getText2(self, cmd, results) source code

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Class Variables
  name = 'trial'
  progressMetrics = ('output', 'tests', 'test.log')
  logfiles = {'test.log': '_trial_temp/test.log'}
a dict mapping log NAMEs to workdir-relative FILENAMEs of their corresponding logfiles.
  renderables = ['tests']
  flunkOnFailure = True
  python = None
  trial = 'trial'
  trialMode = ['--reporter=bwverbose']
  trialArgs = []
  testpath = ()
  testChanges = False
  recurse = False
  reactor = None
  randomly = False
  tests = None

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Instance Variables

Inherited from shell.ShellCommand: command, lazylogfiles

Method Details

__init__(self, reactor=(), python=None, trial=None, testpath=(), tests=None, testChanges=None, recurse=None, randomly=None, trialMode=None, trialArgs=None, **kwargs)

source code 
  • testpath (string) - use in PYTHONPATH when running the tests. If None, do not set PYTHONPATH. Setting this to '.' will cause the source files to be used in-place.
  • python (string (without spaces) or list) - which python executable to use. Will form the start of the argv array that will launch trial. If you use this, you should set 'trial' to an explicit path (like /usr/bin/trial or ./bin/trial). Defaults to None, which leaves it out entirely (running 'trial args' instead of 'python ./bin/trial args'). Likely values are 'python', ['python2.2'], ['python', '-Wall'], etc.
  • trial (string) - which 'trial' executable to run. Defaults to 'trial', which will cause $PATH to be searched and probably find /usr/bin/trial . If you set 'python', this should be set to an explicit path (because 'python2.3 trial' will not work).
  • trialMode (list of strings) - a list of arguments to pass to trial, specifically to set the reporting mode. This defaults to ['-to'] which means 'verbose colorless output' to the trial that comes with Twisted-2.0.x and at least -2.1.0 . Newer versions of Twisted may come with a trial that prefers ['--reporter=bwverbose'].
  • trialArgs (list of strings) - a list of arguments to pass to trial, available to turn on any extra flags you like. Defaults to [].
  • tests (list of strings) - a list of test modules to run, like ['twisted.test.test_defer', 'twisted.test.test_process']. If this is a string, it will be converted into a one-item list.
  • testChanges (boolean) - if True, ignore the 'tests' parameter and instead ask the Build for all the files that make up the Changes going into this build. Pass these filenames to trial and ask it to look for test-case-name tags, running just the tests necessary to cover the changes.
  • recurse (boolean) - If True, pass the --recurse option to trial, allowing test cases to be found in deeper subdirectories of the modules listed in 'tests'. This does not appear to be necessary when using testChanges.
  • reactor (string) - which reactor to use, like 'gtk' or 'java'. If not provided, the Twisted's usual platform-dependent default is used.
  • randomly (boolean) - if True, add the --random=0 argument, which instructs trial to run the unit tests in a random order each time. This occasionally catches problems that might be masked when one module always runs before another (like failing to make registerAdapter calls before lookups are done).
  • kwargs (dict) - parameters. The following parameters are inherited from ShellCommand and may be useful to set: workdir, haltOnFailure, flunkOnWarnings, flunkOnFailure, warnOnWarnings, warnOnFailure, want_stdout, want_stderr, timeout.
Overrides: process.buildstep.BuildStep.__init__

setupEnvironment(self, cmd)

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Overrides: shell.ShellCommand.setupEnvironment


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Overrides: process.buildstep.BuildStep.start

commandComplete(self, cmd)

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Overrides: process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep.commandComplete

createSummary(self, loog)

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Overrides: process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep.createSummary

evaluateCommand(self, cmd)

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Overrides: process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep.evaluateCommand

getText(self, cmd, results)

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Overrides: process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep.getText

getText2(self, cmd, results)

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Overrides: process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep.getText2