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Class RemovePYCs

source code --+            
           process.buildstep.BuildStep --+        
        process.buildstep.LoggingBuildStep --+    
                            shell.ShellCommand --+

Instance Methods

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Class Variables
  name = 'remove-.pyc'
  command = ['find', '.', '-name', '*.pyc', '-exec', 'rm', '{}',...
a list of renderable objects (typically strings or WithProperties instances).
  description = ['removing', '.pyc', 'files']
  descriptionDone = ['remove', '.pycs']

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Instance Variables

Inherited from shell.ShellCommand: lazylogfiles, logfiles

Class Variable Details


a list of renderable objects (typically strings or WithProperties instances). This will be used by start() to create a RemoteShellCommand instance.
['find', '.', '-name', '*.pyc', '-exec', 'rm', '{}', ';']