Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.


This page documents the latest, unreleased version of Buildbot. For documentation for released versions, see MessageFormatterFunction

This formatter can be used to generate arbitrary messages according to arbitrary calculations. As opposed to MessageFormatterRenderable, more information is made available to this reporter.

class buildbot.reporters.message.MessageFormatterFunction(function, template_type, wantProperties=True, wantSteps=False, wantLogs=False)
  • function (callable) – A callable that will be called with a dictionary that contains build key with the value that contains the build dictionary as received from the data API.

  • template_type (string) – either plain, html or json depending on the output of the formatter. JSON output must not be encoded.

  • wantProperties (boolean) – include ‘properties’ in the build dictionary

  • wantSteps (boolean) – include ‘steps’ in the build dictionary

  • wantLogs (boolean) – include ‘logs’ in the steps dictionaries. This needs wantSteps=True. This dumps the full content of logs and may consume lots of memory and CPU depending on the log size.