Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.

2.12.1. Upgrading to Buildbot 4.0 (not released)

Upgrading a Buildbot instance from 3.x to 4.0 may require some work to achieve.

The recommended upgrade procedure is as follows:

  • Upgrade to the last released BuildBot version in 3.x series.

  • Remove usage of the deprecated APIs. All usages of deprecated APIs threw a deprecation warning at the point of use. If the code does not emit deprecation warnings, it’s in a good shape in this regard. You may need to run the master on a real workload in order to force all deprecated code paths to be exercised.

  • Upgrade to the latest Buildbot 4.0.x release.

  • (Optional) Upgrade to newest Buildbot 4.x. The newest point release will contain bug fixes and functionality improvements. Message formatters

The wantLogs argument to message formatters has been removed. The equivalent is setting both want_logs and want_logs_content to the previous value of wantLogs.

The wantSteps and wantProperties arguments have been renamed to want_steps and want_properties respectively.