Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.

4. Release Notes

4.1. Buildbot 3.4.0 ( 2021-10-15 )

4.1.1. Bug fixes

  • Database migrations are now handled using Alembic (1.6.0 or newer is required) (issue # 5872).

  • AMI for latent worker is now set before making spot request to enable dynamically setting AMIs for instantiating workers.

  • Fixed GitPoller fetch commands timing out on huge repositories

  • Fixed a bug that caused Gerrit review comments sometimes not to be reported.

  • Fixed a critical bug in the MsBuild141 step (regression since Buildbot v2.8.0) (issue # 6262).

  • Implemented renderable support in secrets list of RemoveWorkerFileSecret.

  • Fixed issues that prevented Buildbot from being used in Setuptools 58 and newer due to dependencies failing to build (issue # 6222).

4.1.2. Improved Documentation

  • Fixed help text for buildbot create-master so it states that --db option is passed verbatim to master.cfg.sample instead of buildbot.tac.

  • Added documentation of properties available in the formatting context that is presented to message formatters.

4.1.3. Features

  • MsBuild steps now handle correctly rebuilding or cleaning a specific project. Previously it could only be done on the entire solution.

  • Implemented support for controlling filter option of git clone.

  • Optimized build property filtering in the database instead of in Python code.

  • Implemented support of SASL PLAIN authentication to IRC reporter.

  • The want_logs (previously wantLogs) argument to message formatters will now imply wantSteps if selected.

  • Added information about log URLs to message formatter context.

  • Implemented a way to ask for only logs metadata (excluding content) in message formatters via want_logs and want_logs_content arguments.

  • Implemented support for specifying pre-processor defines sent to the compiler in the MsBuild steps.

  • Introduced HvacKvSecretProvider to allow working around flaws in HashiCorpVaultSecretProvider (issue # 5903).

  • Implemented support for proxying worker connection through a HTTP proxy.

4.1.4. Deprecations and Removals

  • The wantLogs argument of message formatters has been deprecated. Please replace any uses with both want_logs and want_logs_content set to the same value.

  • The wantProperties and wantSteps arguments of message formatters have been renamed to want_properties and want_steps respectively.

  • Buildbot now requires SQLAlchemy 1.3.0 or newer.

4.2. Buildbot 3.3.0 ( 2021-07-31 )

4.2.1. Bug fixes

  • Fixed support of SQLAlchemy v1.4 (issue # 5992).

  • Improved default build request collapsing functionality to take into account properties set by the scheduler and not collapse build requests if they differ (issue # 4686).

  • Fixed a race condition that would result in attempts to complete unclaimed buildrequests (issue # 3762).

  • Fixed a race condition in default buildrequest collapse function which resulted in two concurrently submitted build requests potentially being able to cancel each other (issue # 4642).

  • The comment-added event on Gerrit now produces the same branch as other events such as patchset-created.

  • GerritChangeSource and GerritEventLogPoller will now produce change events with branch attribute that corresponds to the actual git branch on the repository.

  • Fixed handling of GitPoller state to not grow without bounds and eventually exceed the database field size. (issue # 6100)

  • Old browser warning banner is no longer shown for browsers that could not be identified (issue # 5237).

  • Fixed worker lock handling that caused max lock count to be ignored (issue # 6132).

4.2.2. Features

  • Buildbot can now be configured (via FailingBuildsetCanceller) to cancel unfinished builds when a build in a buildset fails.

  • GitHubEventHandler can now configure authentication token via Secrets management for GitHub instances that do not allow anonymous access

  • Buildbot can now be configured (via OldBuildCanceller) to cancel unfinished builds when branches on which they are running receive new commits.

  • Buildbot secret management can now be used to configure worker passwords.

  • Services can now be forced to reload their code via new canReconfigWithSibling API.

4.2.3. Deprecations and Removals

  • changes.base.PollingChangeSource has been fully deprecated as internal uses of it were migrated to replacement APIs.

4.3. Buildbot 3.2.0 ( 2021-06-17 )

4.3.1. Bug fixes

  • Fixed occasional InvalidSpotInstanceRequestID.NotFound errors when using spot instances on EC2. This could have lead to Buildbot launching zombie instances and not shutting them down.

  • Improved GitPoller behavior during reconfiguration to exit at earliest possible opportunity and thus reduce the delay that running GitPoller incurs for the reconfiguration.

  • The docker container for the master now fully builds the www packages. Previously they were downloaded from pypi which resulted in downloading whatever version was newest at the time (issue # 4998).

  • Implemented time out for master-side utility processes (e.g. git or hg) which could break the respective version control poller potentially indefinitely upon hanging.

  • Fixed a regression in the reconfig script which would time out instead of printing error when configuration update was not successfully applied.

  • Improved buildbot restart behavior to restore the worker paused state (issue # 6074)

  • Fixed support for binary patch files in try client (issue # 5933)

  • Improved handling of unsubscription errors in WAMP which will no longer crash the unsubscribing component and instead just log an error.

  • Fixed a crash when a worker is disconnected from a running build that uses worker information for some of its properties (issue # 5745).

4.3.2. Improved Documentation

  • Added documentation about installation Buildbot worker as Windows service.

4.3.3. Features

  • DebPbuilder now supports the --othermirror flag for including additional repositories

  • Implemented support for setting docker container’s hostname

  • The libvirt latent worker will now wait for the VM to come online instead of disabling the worker during connection establishment process. The VM management connections are now pooled by URI.

  • Buildbot now sends metadata required to establish connection back to master to libvirt worker VMs.

  • LibVirtWorker will now setup libvirt metadata with details needed by the worker to connect back to master.

  • The docker container for the master has been switched to Debian. Additionally, buildbot is installed into a virtualenv there to reduce chances of conflicts with Python packages installed via dpkg.

  • BitbucketStatusPush now has renderable build status key, name, and description.

  • Pausing a worker is a manual operation which the quarantine timer was overwriting. Worker paused state and quarantine state are now independent. (issue # 5611)

  • Reduce buildbot_worker wheel package size by 40% by dropping tests from package.

4.3.4. Deprecations and Removals

  • The connection argument of the LibVirtWorker constructor has been deprecated along with the related Connection class. Use uri as replacement.

  • The *NewStyle build step aliases have been removed. Please use equivalent steps without the NewStyle suffix in the name.

  • Try client no longer supports protocol used by Buildbot older than v0.9.

4.4. Buildbot 3.1.1 ( 2021-04-28 )

4.4.1. Bug fixes

  • Fix missing VERSION file in buildbot_worker wheel package (issue # 5948, issue # 4464).

  • Fixed error when attempting to specify ws_ping_interval configuration option (issue # 5991).

4.5. Buildbot 3.1.0 ( 2021-04-05 )

4.5.1. Bug fixes

  • Fixed usage of invalid characters in temporary file names by git-related steps (issue # 5949)

  • Fixed parsing of URLs of the form in BitbucketStatusPush. These URLs are in the sourcestamps returned by the Bitbucket Cloud hook.

  • Brought back the old (pre v2.9.0) behavior of the FileDownload step to act more gracefully by returning FAILURE instead of raising an exception when the file doesn’t exist on master. This makes use cases such as FileDownload(haltOnFailure=False) possible again.

  • Fixed issue with getNewestCompleteTime which was returning no completed builds, although it could.

  • Fixed the Git source step causing last active branch to point to wrong commits. This only affected the branch state in the local repository, the checked out code was correct.

  • Improved cleanup of any containers left running by OpenstackLatentWorker.

  • Improved consistency of log messages produced by the reconfig script. Note that this output is not part of public API of Buildbot and may change at any time.

  • Improved error message when try client cannot create a build due to builder being not configured on master side.

  • Fixed exception when submitting builds via try jobdir client when the branch was not explicitly specified.

  • Fixed handling of secrets in nested folders by the vault provider.

4.5.2. Features

  • Implemented report generator for new build requests

  • Allow usage of Basic authentication to access GitHub API when looking for avatars

  • Added support for default Pylint message that was changed in v2.0.

  • Implemented support for configurable timeout in the reconfig script via new progress_timeout command-line parameter which determines how long it waits between subsequent progress updates in the logs before declaring a timeout.

  • Implemented GitDiffInfo step that would extract information about what code has been changed in a pull/merge request.

  • Add support --submodule option for the repo init command of the Repo source step.

4.5.3. Deprecations and Removals

  • MessageFormatter will receive the actual builder name instead of whole buildset when used from BuildSetStatusGenerator.

4.6. Buildbot 3.0.3 ( 2021-04-05 )

4.6.1. Bug fixes

  • Fixed a race condition in log handling of RpmLint and WarningCountingShellCommand steps resulting in steps crashing occasionally.

  • Fixed incorrect state string of a finished buildstep being sent via message queue (issue # 5906).

  • Reduced flickering of build summary tooltip during mouseover of build numbers (issue # 5930).

  • Fixed missing data in Owners and Worker columns in changes and workers pages (issue # 5888, issue # 5887).

  • Fixed excessive debug logging in GerritEventLogPoller.

  • Fixed regression in pending buildrequests UI where owner is not displayed anymore (issue # 5940).

  • Re-added support for lazylogfiles argument of ShellCommand that was available in old style steps.

4.7. Buildbot 3.0.2 ( 2021-03-16 )

4.7.1. Bug fixes

  • Updated Buildbot requirements to specify sqlalchemy 1.4 and newer as not supported yet.

4.8. Buildbot 3.0.1 ( 2021-03-14 )

4.8.1. Bug fixes

  • Fixed special character handling in avatar email URLs.

  • Fixed errors when an email address matches GitHub commits but the user is unknown to it.

  • Added missing report generators to the Buildbot plugin database (issue # 5892)

  • Fixed non-default mode support for BuildSetStatusGenerator.

4.9. Buildbot 3.0.0 ( 2021-03-08 )

This release includes all changes up to Buildbot 2.10.2.

4.9.1. Bug fixes

  • Avatar caching is now working properly and size argument is now handled correctly.

  • Removed display of hidden steps in the build summary tooltip.

  • GitHubPullrequestPoller now supports secrets in its token argument (issue # 4921)

  • Plugin database will no longer issue warnings on load, but only when a particular entry is accessed.

  • SSH connections are now run with -o BatchMode=yes to prevent interactive prompts which may tie up a step, reporter or change source until it times out.

4.9.2. Features

  • BitbucketPullrequestPoller, BitbucketCloudEventHandler, BitbucketServerEventHandler were enhanced to save PR entries matching provided masks as build properties.

  • BitbucketPullrequestPoller has been enhanced to optionally authorize Bitbucket API.

  • Added pullrequesturl property to the following pollers and change hooks: BitbucketPullrequestPoller, GitHubPullrequestPoller, GitHubEventHandler. This unifies all Bitbucket and GitHub pollers with the shared property interface.

  • AvatarGitHub class has been enhanced to handle avatar based on email requests and take size argument into account

  • Added support for Fossil user objects for use by the buildbot-fossil plugin.

  • A new www.ws_ping_interval configuration option was added to avoid websocket timeouts when using reverse proxies and CDNs (issue # 4078)

4.9.3. Deprecations and Removals

  • Removed deprecated encoding argument to BitbucketPullrequestPoller.

  • Removed deprecated support for constructing build steps from class and arguments in BuildFactory.addStep().

  • Removed support for deprecated db_poll_interval configuration setting.

  • Removed support for deprecated logHorizon, eventHorizon and buildHorizon configuration settings.

  • Removed support for deprecated nextWorker function signature that accepts two parameters instead of three.

  • Removed deprecated status configuration setting.

  • LoggingBuildStep has been removed.

  • GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS steps now use new-style step implementation.

  • MasterShellCommand step now uses new-style step implementation.

  • Configure, Compile, ShellCommand, SetPropertyFromCommand, WarningCountingShellCommand, Test steps now use new-style step implementation.

  • Removed support for old-style steps.

  • Python 3.5 is no longer supported for running Buildbot master.

  • The deprecated HipChatStatusPush reporter has been removed.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of HttpStatusPush reporter: format_fn, builders, wantProperties, wantSteps, wantPreviousBuild, wantLogs, user, password.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of BitbucketStatusPush reporter: builders, wantProperties, wantSteps, wantPreviousBuild, wantLogs.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of BitbucketServerStatusPush, BitbucketServerCoreAPIStatusPush, GerritVerifyStatusPush, GitHubStatusPush, GitHubCommentPush and GitLabStatusPush reporters: startDescription, endDescription, builders, wantProperties, wantSteps, wantPreviousBuild, wantLogs.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of BitbucketServerPRCommentPush, MailNotifier, PushjetNotifier and PushoverNotifier reporters: subject, mode, builders, tags, schedulers, branches, buildSetSummary, messageFormatter, watchedWorkers, messageFormatterMissingWorker.

  • Removed support for the following deprecated parameters of MessageFormatter report formatter: template_name.

  • The deprecated send() function that can be overridden by custom reporters has been removed.

  • Removed deprecated support for template_filename, template_dir and subject_filename configuration parameters of message formatters.

  • The deprecated buildbot.status module has been removed.

  • The deprecated MTR step has been removed. Contributors are welcome to step in, migrate this step to newer APIs and add a proper test suite to restore this step in Buildbot.

  • Removed deprecated buildbot.test.fake.httpclientservice.HttpClientService.getFakeService() function.

  • Removed deprecated support for block_device_map argument of EC2LatentWorker being not a list.

  • Removed support for deprecated builder categories which have been replaced by tags.

5. Older Release Notes

Note that Buildbot-0.8.11 was never released.