Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. FailingBuildsetCanceller

class buildbot.plugins.util.FailingBuildsetCanceller

The purpose of this service is to cancel builds once one build on a buildset fails.

This is useful for reducing use of resources in cases when there is no need to gather information from all builds of a buildset once one of them fails.

The service may be configured to be track a subset of builds. This is controlled by the filters parameter. The decision on whether to cancel a build is done once a build fails.

The following parameters are supported by the FailingBuildsetCanceller:


(required, a string) The name of the service. All services must have different names in Buildbot. For most use cases value like buildset_canceller will work fine.


(required, a list of three-element tuples) The source stamp filters that specify which builds the build canceller should track. The first element of each tuple must be a list of builder names that the filter would apply to. The second element of each tuple must be a list of builder names that will have the builders cancelled once a build fails. Alternatively, the value None as the second element of the tuple specifies that all builds should be cancelled. The third element of each tuple must be an instance of buildbot.util.SourceStampFilter.