from buildbot.plugins import reporters

zs = reporters.ZulipStatusPush(endpoint='your-organization@zulipchat.com',
                               token='private-token', stream='stream_to_post_in')

ZulipStatusPush sends build status using The Zulip API. The build status is sent to a user as a private message or in a stream in Zulip.

class buildbot.reporters.zulip.ZulipStatusPush(endpoint, token, stream=None)
  • endpoint (string) – URL of your Zulip server

  • token (string) – Private API token

  • stream (string) – The stream in which the build status is to be sent. Defaults to None


A private message is sent if stream is set to None.

Json object spec

The json object sent contains the following build status values.

    "event": "new/finished",
    "buildid": "<buildid>",
    "buildername": "<builder name>",
    "url": "<URL to the build>",
    "project": "name of the project",
    "timestamp": "<timestamp at start/finish>"