3.8.13. Users connector

class buildbot.db.users.UsersConnectorComponent

This class handles Buildbot’s notion of users. Buildbot tracks the usual information about users – username and password, plus a display name.

The more complicated task is to recognize each user across multiple interfaces with Buildbot. For example, a user may be identified as ‘djmitche’ in Subversion, ‘dustin@v.igoro.us’ in Git, and ‘dustin’ on IRC. To support this functionality, each user has a set of attributes, keyed by type. The findUserByAttr method uses these attributes to match users, adding a new user if no matching user is found.

Users are identified canonically by uid, and are represented by usdicts (user dictionaries) with the following keys:

  • uid

  • identifier (display name for the user)

  • bb_username (buildbot login username)

  • bb_password (hashed login password)

All attributes are also included in the dictionary, keyed by type. Types colliding with the keys above are ignored.

findUserByAttr(identifier, attr_type, attr_data)
  • identifier – identifier to use for a new user

  • attr_type – attribute type to search for and/or add

  • attr_data – attribute data to add


userid via Deferred

Get an existing user, or add a new one, based on the given attribute.

This method is intended for use by other components of Buildbot to search for a user with the given attributes.

Note that identifier is not used in the search for an existing user. It is only used when creating a new user. The identifier should be based deterministically on the attributes supplied, in some fashion that will seem natural to users.

For future compatibility, always use keyword parameters to call this method.

  • uid – user id to look up

  • no_cache (boolean) – bypass cache and always fetch from database


usdict via Deferred

Get a usdict for the given user, or None if no matching user is found.


username (string) – username portion of user credentials


usdict or None via deferred

Looks up the user with the bb_username, returning the usdict or None if no matching user is found.


list of partial usdicts via Deferred

Get the entire list of users. User attributes are not included, so the results are not full usdicts.

updateUser(uid=None, identifier=None, bb_username=None, bb_password=None, attr_type=None, attr_data=None)
  • uid (int) – the user to change

  • identifier (string) – (optional) new identifier for this user

  • bb_username (string) – (optional) new buildbot username

  • bb_password (string) – (optional) new hashed buildbot password

  • attr_type (string) – (optional) attribute type to update

  • attr_data (string) – (optional) value for attr_type



Update information about the given user. Only the specified attributes are updated. If no user with the given uid exists, the method will return silently.

Note that bb_password must be given if bb_username appears; similarly, attr_type requires attr_data.


uid (int) – the user to remove



Remove the user with the given uid from the database. This will remove the user from any associated tables as well.


identifier (string) – identifier to search for


uid or None, via Deferred

Fetch a uid for the given identifier, if one exists.