3.8.2. Buildrequests connector

exception buildbot.db.buildrequests.AlreadyClaimedError

Raised when a build request is already claimed, usually by another master.

exception buildbot.db.buildrequests.NotClaimedError

Raised when a build request is not claimed by this master.

class buildbot.db.buildrequests.BuildRequestsConnectorComponent

This class handles the complex process of claiming and unclaiming build requests, based on a polling model: callers poll for unclaimed requests with getBuildRequests, and then they attempt to claim the requests with claimBuildRequests. The claim can fail if another master has claimed the request in the interim.

An instance of this class is available at master.db.buildrequests.

Build requests are indexed by an ID referred to as a brid. The contents of a request are represented as build request dictionaries (brdicts) with keys

  • buildrequestid

  • buildsetid

  • builderid

  • buildername

  • priority

  • claimed (boolean, true if the request is claimed)

  • claimed_at (datetime object, time this request was last claimed)

  • claimed_by_masterid (integer, the id of the master that claimed this buildrequest)

  • complete (boolean, true if the request is complete)

  • complete_at (datetime object, time this request was completed)

  • submitted_at (datetime object, time this request was completed)

  • results (integer result code)

  • waited_for (boolean)


brid – build request id to look up


brdict or None, via Deferred

Get a single BuildRequest, in the format described above. This method returns None if there is no such buildrequest. Note that build requests are not cached, as the values in the database are not fixed.

getBuildRequests(buildername=None, complete=None, claimed=None, bsid=None, branch=None, repository=None, resultSpec=None)
  • buildername (string) – limit results to buildrequests for this builder

  • complete – if true, limit to completed buildrequests; if false, limit to incomplete buildrequests; if None, do not limit based on completion.

  • claimed – see below

  • bsid – see below

  • repository – the repository associated with the sourcestamps originating the requests

  • branch – the branch associated with the sourcestamps originating the requests

  • resultSpec – resultSpec containing filters sorting and paging request from data/REST API. If possible, the db layer can optimize the SQL query using this information.


list of brdicts, via Deferred

Get a list of build requests matching the given characteristics.

Pass all parameters as keyword parameters to allow future expansion.

The claimed parameter can be None (the default) to ignore the claimed status of requests; True to return only claimed builds, False to return only unclaimed builds, or a master ID to return only builds claimed by a particular master instance. A request is considered unclaimed if its claimed_at column is either NULL or 0, and it is not complete. If bsid is specified, then only build requests for that buildset will be returned.

A build is considered completed if its complete column is 1; the complete_at column is not consulted.

claimBuildRequests(brids[, claimed_at=XX])
  • brids (list) – ids of buildrequests to claim

  • claimed_at (datetime) – time at which the builds are claimed





Try to “claim” the indicated build requests for this buildmaster instance. The resulting deferred will fire normally on success, or fail with AlreadyClaimedError if any of the build requests are already claimed by another master instance. In this case, none of the claims will take effect.

If claimed_at is not given, then the current time will be used.


On database backends that do not enforce referential integrity (e.g., SQLite), this method will not prevent claims for nonexistent build requests. On database backends that do not support transactions (MySQL), this method will not properly roll back any partial claims made before an AlreadyClaimedError is generated.


brids (list) – ids of buildrequests to unclaim



Release this master’s claim on all of the given build requests. This will not unclaim requests that are claimed by another master, but will not fail in this case. The method does not check whether a request is completed.

completeBuildRequests(brids, results[, complete_at=XX])
  • brids (integer) – build request ids to complete

  • results (integer) – integer result code

  • complete_at (datetime) – time at which the buildset was completed





Complete a set of build requests, all of which are owned by this master instance. This will fail with NotClaimedError if the build request is already completed or does not exist. If complete_at is not given, the current time will be used.