Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. CVS

class buildbot.steps.source.cvs.CVS

The CVS build step performs a CVS checkout or update.

from buildbot.plugins import steps


This step takes the following arguments:


(required): specify the CVSROOT value, which points to a CVS repository, probably on a remote machine. For example, if Buildbot was hosted in CVS then the CVSROOT value you would use to get a copy of the Buildbot source code might be


(required): specify the cvs module, which is generally a subdirectory of the CVSROOT. The cvsmodule for the Buildbot source code is buildbot.


a string which will be used in a -r argument. This is most useful for specifying a branch to work on. Defaults to HEAD. If alwaysUseLatest is True then the branch and revision information that comes with the Build is ignored and branch specified in this parameter is used.


a list of flags to be put before the argument checkout in the CVS command.


a list of flags to be put after the checkout in the CVS command.

mode method

No method is needed for incremental mode. For full mode, method can take the values shown below. If no value is given, it defaults to fresh.


This specifies to remove the workdir and make a full checkout.


This method first runs cvsdisard in the build directory, then updates it. This requires cvsdiscard which is a part of the cvsutil package.


This method is the same as method='fresh', but it runs cvsdiscard --ignore instead of cvsdiscard.


This maintains a source directory for source, which it updates copies to the build directory. This allows Buildbot to start with a fresh directory, without downloading the entire repository on every build.


Password to use while performing login to the remote CVS server. Default is None meaning that no login needs to be performed.