Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.

3.8.11. Source stamps connector

class buildbot.db.sourcestamps.SourceStampsConnectorComponent

This class manages source stamps, as stored in the database. A source stamp uniquely identifies a particular version a single codebase. Source stamps are identified by their ID. It is safe to use sourcestamp ID equality as a proxy for source stamp equality. For example, all builds of a particular version of a codebase will share the same sourcestamp ID. This equality does not extend to patches: two sourcestamps generated with exactly the same patch will have different IDs.

Relative source stamps have a revision of None, meaning “whatever the latest is when this sourcestamp is interpreted”. While such source stamps may correspond to a wide array of revisions over the lifetime of a buildbot install, they will only ever have one ID.

An instance of this class is available at master.db.sourcestamps.

  • ssid

  • branch (branch, or None for default branch)

  • revision (revision, or None to indicate the latest revision, in which case this is a relative source stamp)

  • patchid (ID of the patch)

  • patch_body (body of the patch, or None)

  • patch_level (directory stripping level of the patch, or None)

  • patch_subdir (subdirectory in which to apply the patch, or None)

  • patch_author (author of the patch, or None)

  • patch_comment (comment for the patch, or None)

  • repository (repository containing the source; never None)

  • project (project this source is for; never None)

  • codebase (codebase this stamp is in; never None)

  • created_at (timestamp when this stamp was first created)

Note that the patch body is a bytestring, not a unicode string.

findSourceStampId(branch=None, revision=Node,
repository=None, project=None, patch_body=None,
patch_level=None, patch_author=None, patch_comment=None,
  • branch (unicode string or None) –

  • revision (unicode string or None) –

  • repository (unicode string or None) –

  • project (unicode string or None) –

  • codebase (unicode string (required)) –

  • patch_body (unicode string or None) – patch body

  • patch_level (integer or None) – patch level

  • patch_author (unicode string or None) – patch author

  • patch_comment (unicode string or None) – patch comment

  • patch_subdir (unicode string or None) – patch subdir


ssid, via Deferred

Create a new SourceStamp instance with the given attributes, or find an existing one. In either case, return its ssid. The arguments all have the same meaning as in an ssdict.

If a new SourceStamp is created, its created_at is set to the current time.

  • ssid – sourcestamp to get

  • no_cache (boolean) – bypass cache and always fetch from database


ssdict, or None, via Deferred

Get an ssdict representing the given source stamp, or None if no such source stamp exists.


list of ssdict, via Deferred

Get all sourcestamps in the database. You probably don’t want to do this! This method will be extended to allow appropriate filtering.


buildid – build ID


list of ssdict, via Deferred

Get sourcestamps related to a build.