Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.

5.45. Release Notes for Buildbot 0.9.0b2

The following are the release notes for Buildbot 0.9.0b2. Buildbot 0.9.0b2 was released on August, 2 2015.

5.45.1. Master Features

  • Mercurial hook was updated and modernized. It is no longer necessary to fork. One can now extend PYTHONPATH via the hook configuration. Among others, it permits to use a buildbot virtualenv instead of installing buildbot in all the system. Added documentation inside the hook. Misc. clean-up and reorganization in order to make the code a bit more readable.

  • UI templates can now be customizable. You can provide html or jade overrides to the www plugins, to customize the UI

  • UI side bar is now fixed by default for large screens. Fixes

  • Fix setup for missing www.hooks module

  • Fix setup to install only on recents version of pip (>=1.4). This prevents unexpected upgrade to nine from people who just use pip install -U buildbot

  • Fix a crash in the git hook.

  • Add checks to enforce slavenames are identifiers. Deprecations, Removals, and Non-Compatible Changes Changes for Developers

  • The BuilderConfig nextSlave keyword argument takes a callable. This callable now receives BuildRequest instance in its signature as 3rd parameter. For retro-compatibility, all callable taking only 2 parameters will still work.

  • Data api provides a way to query the build list per slave.

  • Data api provides a way to query some build properties in a build list.

5.45.2. Slave

  • buildbot-slave now requires Python 2.6 Features

  • Schedulers: the codebases parameter can now be specified in a simple list-of-strings form. Fixes

  • Fix two race conditions in the integration tests Deprecations, Removals, and Non-Compatible Changes

  • Providing Latent AWS EC2 credentials by the .ec2/aws_id file is deprecated: Use the standard .aws/credentials file, instead.

5.45.3. Details

For a more detailed description of the changes made in this version, see the git log itself:

git log v0.9.0b1..v0.9.0b2