Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master. BitbucketServerPRCommentPush

from buildbot.plugins import reporters

ss = reporters.BitbucketServerPRCommentPush('',

BitbucketServerPRCommentPush publishes a comment on a PR using Bitbucket Server REST API.

BitbucketServerPRCommentPush(base_url, user, password, messageFormatter=None, verbose=False, debug=None, verify=None, mode=('failing', 'passing', 'warnings'), tags=None, builders=None, schedulers=None, branches=None, buildSetSummary=False, generators=None):

The following parameters are accepted by this reporter:


(string) The base url of the Bitbucket server host.


(string) The Bitbucket server user to post as. (can be a Secret)


(string) The Bitbucket server user’s password. (can be a Secret)


(list) A list of instances of IReportGenerator which defines the conditions of when the messages will be sent and contents of them. See Report Generators for more information.


(boolean, defaults to False) If True, logs a message for each successful status push.


(boolean, defaults to False) If True, logs every requests and their response


(boolean, defaults to None) If False, disables SSL verification for the case you use temporary self signed certificates. Default enables SSL verification.

Additionally, the following deprecated parameters are supported. They work in the same way as in the MailNotifier, see above for their documentation.

  • subject

  • mode

  • builders

  • tags

  • schedulers

  • branches

  • buildSetSummary

  • messageFormatter

  • watchedWorkers (differently from MailNotifier, the default is None)

  • messageFormatterMissingWorker


This reporter depends on the Bitbucket server hook to get the pull request url.