Buildbot no longer supports Python 2.7 on the Buildbot master.

2.5.19. Configurators

For advanced users or plugins writers, the configurators key is available, and holds a list of buildbot.interfaces.IConfigurator. Configurators will run after the master.cfg has been processed, and will modify the config dictionary. Configurator implementers should make sure that they are interoperable with each other, which means carefully modifying the config to avoid overriding a setting already made by the user or by another configurator. Configurators are run (thus prioritized) in the order of the configurators list. JanitorConfigurator

Buildbot stores historical information in its database. In a large installation, these can quickly consume disk space, yet in many cases developers never consult this historical information.

JanitorConfigurator creates a builder and Nightly scheduler which will regularly remove old information. At the moment it only supports cleaning of logs, but it will contain more features as we implement them.

from buildbot.plugins import util
from datetime import timedelta

# configure a janitor which will delete all logs older than one month,
# and will run on sundays at noon
c['configurators'] = [util.JanitorConfigurator(

Parameters for JanitorConfigurator are:


a timedelta object describing the minimum time for which the log data should be maintained

hour, dayOfWeek, …

Arguments given to the Nightly scheduler which is backing the JanitorConfigurator. Determines when the cleanup will be done. With this, you can configure it daily, weekly or even hourly if you wish. You probably want to schedule it when Buildbot is less loaded.