3.4.5. Change Sources ChangeSource

class buildbot.changes.base.ChangeSource

This is the base class for change sources.

Subclasses should override the inherited activate and deactivate methods if necessary to handle initialization and shutdown.

Change sources which are active on every master should, instead, override startService and stopService. ReconfigurablePollingChangeSource

class buildbot.changes.base.ReconfigurablePollingChangeSource

This is a subclass of ChangeSource which adds polling behavior. Its constructor accepts the pollInterval and pollAtLaunch arguments as documented for most built-in change sources.

Subclasses should override the poll method. This method may return a Deferred. Calls to poll will not overlap. PollingChangeSource

class buildbot.changes.base.PollingChangeSource

This is a legacy class for polling change sources not yet ported to the :py:class::BuildbotService component lifecycle. Do not use for new code.