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1.2 System Architecture

The Buildbot consists of a single buildmaster and one or more buildslaves, connected in a star topology. The buildmaster makes all decisions about what, when, and how to build. It sends commands to be run on the build slaves, which simply execute the commands and return the results. (certain steps involve more local decision making, where the overhead of sending a lot of commands back and forth would be inappropriate, but in general the buildmaster is responsible for everything).

The buildmaster is usually fed Changes by some sort of version control system (see Change Sources), which may cause builds to be run. As the builds are performed, various status messages are produced, which are then sent to any registered Status Targets (see Status Targets).

Overview Diagram

The buildmaster is configured and maintained by the “buildmaster admin”, who is generally the project team member responsible for build process issues. Each buildslave is maintained by a “buildslave admin”, who do not need to be quite as involved. Generally slaves are run by anyone who has an interest in seeing the project work well on their favorite platform.