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The /change_hook url is a magic URL which will accept HTTP requests and translate them into changes for buildbot. Implementations (such as a trivial json-based endpoint and a github implementation) can be found in master/buildbot/status/web/hooks. The format of the url is /change_hook/DIALECT where DIALECT is a package within the hooks directory. Change_hook is disabled by default and each DIALECT has to be enabled separately, for security reasons

An example WebStatus configuration line which enables change_hook and two DIALECTS:

                                     'base': True,
                                     'somehook': {'option1':True,

Within the WebStatus arguments, the change_hook key enables/disables the module and change_hook_dialects whitelists DIALECTs where the keys are the module names and the values are optional arguments which will be passed to the hooks.

The script in master/contrib allows for the submission of an arbitrary change request. Run --help for more information. The 'base' dialect must be enabled for this to work.

github hook

The github hook is simple and takes no options.

                         change_hook_dialects={ 'github' : True }))

With this set up, add a Post-Receive URL for the project in the Github administrative interface, pointing to /change_hook/github relative to the root of the web status. For example, if the grid URL is, then point Github to To specify a project assoicated to the repository, append ?project=name to the URL.

Note that there is a standalone HTTP server available for receiving github notifications, as well: contrib/ This script may be useful in cases where you cannot expose the WebStatus for public consumption.