Plugin Infrastructure in Buildbot

New in version 0.8.11.

Plugin infrastructure in Buildbot allows easy use of components that are not part of the core. It also allows unified access to components that are included in the core.

The following snippet

from buildbot.plugins import kind

... kind.ComponentClass ...

allows to use a component of kind kind. Available kinds are:

build slaves, described in Buildslaves
change source, described in Change Sources
schedulers, described in Schedulers
build steps, described in Build Steps
status targets, described in Status Targets
utility classes. For example, BuilderConfig, Build Factories, ChangeFilter and Locks are accessible through util.


If you are not very familiar with Python and you need to use different kinds of components, start your master.cfg file with:

from buildbot.plugins import *

As a result, all listed above components will be available for use. This is what sample master.cfg file uses.

Developing Plugins

Distribute a Buildbot Plug-In contains all necesary information for you to develop new plugins.

Plugins of note

Plugins were introduced in Buildbot-0.9.0, so as of this writing, only components that are bundled with Buildbot are available as plugins.

If you have an idea/need about extending Buildbot, head to How to package Buildbot plugins, create your own plugins and let the world now how Buildbot can be made even more useful.