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The P4 build step creates a Perforce client specification and performs an update.

A view into the Perforce depot without branch name or trailing "...". Typically "//depot/proj/".
A branch name to append on build requests if none is specified. Typically "trunk".
(optional): the host:port string describing how to get to the P4 Depot (repository), used as the -p argument for all p4 commands.
(optional): the Perforce user, used as the -u argument to all p4 commands.
(optional): the Perforce password, used as the -p argument to all p4 commands.
(optional): a list of (depotpath, clientpath) tuples containing extra views to be mapped into the client specification. Both will have "/..." appended automatically. The client name and source directory will be prepended to the client path.
(optional): The name of the client to use. In mode='copy' and mode='update', it's particularly important that a unique name is used for each checkout directory to avoid incorrect synchronization. For this reason, Python percent substitution will be performed on this value to replace %(slave)s with the slave name and %(builder)s with the builder name. The default is "buildbot_%(slave)s_%(build)s".