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The Git build step clones or updates a Git repository and checks out the specified branch or revision. Note that the buildbot supports Git version 1.2.0 and later: earlier versions (such as the one shipped in Ubuntu 'Dapper') do not support the git init command that the buildbot uses.

The Git step takes the following arguments:

(required): the URL of the upstream Git repository.
(optional): this specifies the name of the branch to use when a Build does not provide one of its own. If this this parameter is not specified, and the Build does not provide a branch, the “master” branch will be used.
(optional): when purging changes, don't use .gitignore and .git/info/exclude.
(optional): when initializing/updating a Git repository, this decides whether or not buildbot should consider git submodules. Default: False.
(optional): instructs git to attempt shallow clones (--depth 1). If the user/scheduler asks for a specific revision, this parameter is ignored.