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Class Blocker

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           process.buildstep.BuildStep --+

Build step that blocks until at least one other step finishes.

@ivar upstreamSteps: a non-empty list of (builderName, stepName) tuples
                     identifying the other build steps that must
                     complete in order to unblock this Blocker.
@ivar idlePolicy: string: what to do if one of the upstream builders is
                  idle when this Blocker starts; one of:
                    "error": just blow up (the Blocker will fail with
                      status EXCEPTION)
                    "ignore": carry on as if the referenced build step
                      was not mentioned (or is already complete)
                    "block": block until the referenced builder starts
                      a build, and then block until the referenced build
                      step in that build finishes
@ivar timeout: int: how long to block, in seconds, before giving up and
               failing (default: None, meaning block forever)

Instance Methods
__init__(self, **kwargs) source code
__str__(self) source code
__repr__(self) source code
buildsMatch(self, buildStatus1, buildStatus2)
Return true if buildStatus1 and buildStatus2 are from related builds, i.e.
source code
start(self) source code

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Class Variables
  parms = ['name', 'locks', 'haltOnFailure', 'flunkOnWarnings', ...
  flunkOnFailure = True
  upstreamSteps = None
  idlePolicy = 'block'
  timeout = None
  VALID_IDLE_POLICIES = ('error', 'ignore', 'block')

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Method Details

__init__(self, **kwargs)

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Overrides: process.buildstep.BuildStep.__init__

buildsMatch(self, buildStatus1, buildStatus2)

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Return true if buildStatus1 and buildStatus2 are from related builds, i.e. a Blocker step running in buildStatus2 should be blocked by an upstream step in buildStatus1. Return false if they are unrelated.

Default implementation simply raises NotImplementedError: you *must* subclass Blocker and implement this method, because BuildBot currently provides no way to relate different builders. This might change if ticket #875 ("build flocks") is implemented.


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Overrides: process.buildstep.BuildStep.start

Class Variable Details