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Class IRCContact

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            base.StatusReceiverBase --+    
twisted.application.service.Service --+    
               util.ComparableMixin --+    
             base.StatusReceiverService --+

Instance Methods
__init__(self, bot, dest) source code
doSilly(self, message) source code
getBuilder(self, which) source code
getControl(self, which) source code
list of buildbot.process.builder.Builder
getAllBuilders(self) source code
convertTime(self, seconds) source code
reportBuild(self, builder, buildnum)
Returns True if this build should be reported for this contact (eliminating duplicates), and also records the report for later
source code
command_HELLO(self, args, who) source code
command_VERSION(self, args, who) source code
command_LIST(self, args, who) source code
command_STATUS(self, args, who) source code
validate_notification_event(self, event) source code
list_notified_events(self) source code
notify_for(self, *events) source code
subscribe_to_build_events(self) source code
unsubscribe_from_build_events(self) source code
add_notification_events(self, events) source code
remove_notification_events(self, events) source code
remove_all_notification_events(self) source code
command_NOTIFY(self, args, who) source code
command_WATCH(self, args, who) source code
builderAdded(self, builderName, builder) source code
builderRemoved(self, builderName) source code
buildStarted(self, builderName, build) source code
getResultsDescriptionAndColor(self, results) source code
buildFinished(self, builderName, build, results) source code
notify_for_finished(self, build) source code
watchedBuildFinished(self, b) source code
command_FORCE(self, args, who) source code
command_STOP(self, args, who) source code
emit_status(self, which) source code
command_LAST(self, args, who) source code
build_commands(self) source code
describeUser(self, user) source code
command_MUTE(self, args, who) source code
command_UNMUTE(self, args, who) source code
command_HELP(self, args, who) source code
command_SOURCE(self, args, who) source code
command_COMMANDS(self, args, who) source code
command_DESTROY(self, args, who) source code
command_DANCE(self, args, who) source code
send(self, message) source code
act(self, action) source code
getCommandMethod(self, command) source code
handleMessage(self, message, who) source code
handleAction(self, data, user) source code
Special descriptor for class __provides__

Inherited from base.StatusReceiverBase: __providedBy__, buildETAUpdate, builderChangedState, buildsetSubmitted, changeAdded, checkConfig, logChunk, logFinished, logStarted, requestCancelled, requestSubmitted, slaveConnected, slaveDisconnected, stepETAUpdate, stepFinished, stepStarted, stepText2Changed, stepTextChanged

Inherited from twisted.application.service.Service: __getstate__, disownServiceParent, privilegedStartService, setName, setServiceParent, startService, stopService

Inherited from util.ComparableMixin: __cmp__, __hash__

Class Variables
  silly = {'It\'s You !!': ['How are you gentlemen !!', 'All you...
  results_descriptions = {0: ('Success', 'GREEN'), 1: ('Warnings...
  __implemented__ = <implementedBy buildbot.status.words.IRCCont...

Inherited from twisted.application.service.Service: name, parent, running

Inherited from util.ComparableMixin: compare_attrs

Method Details

builderAdded(self, builderName, builder)

source code 
Overrides: base.StatusReceiverBase.builderAdded

builderRemoved(self, builderName)

source code 
Overrides: base.StatusReceiverBase.builderRemoved

buildStarted(self, builderName, build)

source code 
Overrides: base.StatusReceiverBase.buildStarted

buildFinished(self, builderName, build, results)

source code 
Overrides: base.StatusReceiverBase.buildFinished


Special descriptor for class __provides__

The descriptor caches the implementedBy info, so that
we can get declarations for objects without instance-specific
interfaces a bit quicker.

For example:

  >>> from zope.interface import Interface
  >>> class IFooFactory(Interface):
  ...     pass
  >>> class IFoo(Interface):
  ...     pass
  >>> class C(object):
  ...     implements(IFoo)
  ...     classProvides(IFooFactory)
  >>> [i.getName() for i in C.__provides__]

  >>> [i.getName() for i in C().__provides__]

Overrides: util.ComparableMixin.__provides__

Class Variable Details


{'It\'s You !!': ['How are you gentlemen !!',
                  'All your base are belong to us.',
                  'You are on the way to destruction.'],
 'What happen ?': ['Somebody set up us the bomb.'],
 'What you say !!': ['You have no chance to survive make your time.',
                     'HA HA HA HA ....']}


{0: ('Success', 'GREEN'),
 1: ('Warnings', 'YELLOW'),
 2: ('Failure', 'RED'),
 4: ('Exception', 'PURPLE'),
 5: ('Retry', 'AQUA_LIGHT')}


<implementedBy buildbot.status.words.IRCContact>