Package buildbot :: Package status :: Package web :: Module grid :: Class GridStatusResource
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Class GridStatusResource

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twisted.web.resource.Resource --+    
               object --+       |    
                        |       |    
       base.AccessorMixin --+   |    
                            |   |    
            base.ContextMixin --+    
                base.HtmlResource --+
                       object --+   |
                                |   |
                  GridStatusMixin --+

Nested Classes

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Instance Methods
content(*args, **kwargs)
This method builds the regular grid display.
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Class Variables
  status = None
  changemaster = None

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Method Details

content(*args, **kwargs)

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This method builds the regular grid display. That is, build stamps across the top, build hosts down the left side

  • @defer.deferredGenerator
Overrides: base.HtmlResource.content