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Class Domain

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util.ComparableMixin --+

Instance Methods
__init__(self, domain) source code
getAddress(self, name)
If name is already an email address, pass it through.
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Special descriptor for class __provides__

Inherited from util.ComparableMixin: __cmp__, __hash__, __providedBy__

Class Variables
  compare_attrs = ['domain']
  __implemented__ = <implementedBy buildbot.status.mail.Domain>
Method Details


Special descriptor for class __provides__

The descriptor caches the implementedBy info, so that
we can get declarations for objects without instance-specific
interfaces a bit quicker.

For example:

  >>> from zope.interface import Interface
  >>> class IFooFactory(Interface):
  ...     pass
  >>> class IFoo(Interface):
  ...     pass
  >>> class C(object):
  ...     implements(IFoo)
  ...     classProvides(IFooFactory)
  >>> [i.getName() for i in C.__provides__]

  >>> [i.getName() for i in C().__provides__]

Overrides: util.ComparableMixin.__provides__