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Class LogFileScanner

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twisted.internet.protocol.BaseProtocol --+            
        twisted.internet.protocol.Protocol --+        
     twisted.protocols.basic.NetstringReceiver --+    
                   util.netstrings.NetstringParser --+

Instance Methods
__init__(self, chunk_cb, channels=[]) source code
stringReceived(self, line)
Override this for notification when each complete string is received.
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Inherited from util.netstrings.NetstringParser: feed

Inherited from twisted.protocols.basic.NetstringReceiver: dataReceived, makeConnection, sendString

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.Protocol: __provides__, connectionLost, logPrefix

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.BaseProtocol: __providedBy__, connectionMade

Class Variables

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.Protocol: __implemented__

Inherited from twisted.internet.protocol.BaseProtocol: connected, transport

Instance Variables

Inherited from twisted.protocols.basic.NetstringReceiver: MAX_LENGTH, brokenPeer

Method Details

__init__(self, chunk_cb, channels=[])

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Overrides: util.netstrings.NetstringParser.__init__

stringReceived(self, line)

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Override this for notification when each complete string is received.

  • string - The complete string which was received with all framing (length prefix, etc) removed.
  • NotImplementedError - because the method has to be implemented by the child class.
Overrides: twisted.protocols.basic.NetstringReceiver.stringReceived
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